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Top 5 Graphic Design Trends of 2018

Graphic design is incredibly important for introducing a company to its target audience. However, not all graphic design is created equal. If businesses don’t keep on trend with the latest in graphic design capabilities, then the resources they put into their marketing efforts will not be as effective. Businesses should link up with graphic design institutions who are aware of the latest trends in their field. This article will discuss five graphic design trends of 2018 so that businesses can have a better idea of how to promote their brand.

Top 5 Graphic Design Trends Of 2018

  1. Bold Colours

    While its trend began in 2017, the use of vibrant and bold colours is likely to continue into the following year. With attempts to maintain positivity, graphic designers are utilizing big, bold colours to say what they need to say loudly. This gives businesses a chance to shout out their brand in a fun, engaging way.

  2. Brutalism

    The use of a stark background with big, bold words declaring the message was popular in 2017 and continues into this year. This works well for businesses who simply want to get their message out in a blunt and obvious manner. Potential customers can know exactly what the business offers through a simple glance at the sign or billboard. Brutalism was made for marketing.

  3. 3D Modeling In Typography

    This trend is swiftly rising in popularity, although it has yet to be fully tapped. 3D modeling in typography is a new frontier in regards to design. In particular, one-colour 3D modeling seems to be the hottest trend right now. Provided a bold background colour is used, the intricate design is both eye-catching and innovative. Businesses can expect to draw quite an audience by utilizing this trend.

  4. Helvetica and Sans Serif

    While it may seem as though font choice wouldn’t matter, there’s even a trend among which fonts are popular and which are not. Helvetica is on the rise, and Sans Serif, which has traditionally been called ageless, is still being used to draw audience’s eyes. Customers seem to react to the bold clarity of these fonts well. When coupled with geometry, these fonts perform well in the market.

  5. Hand-Drawn Elements

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, graphic designs that utilize personal hand drawings are hugely popular among the masses. The art is personal and original and customers respond to that authenticity.

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