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With rising environmental concerns, more companies are turning to eco-friendly solutions for their marketing. At Troi Mailing Services we are helping to educate companies on why sustainable marketing mail is the right choice to reduce the impact their marketing has on the environment. We believe reducing environmental impact is a responsibility all businesses share as good global citizens. It is no longer just about the bottom line, but instead about ways to improve your social responsibility and contribute to eco-conscious efforts to help save the planet.

That is why Troi Mailing Services is here to help your business succeed – responsibly. As a print and mail company, we appreciate our own role in environmental responsibility and have taken the steps necessary to offer eco-friendly print and direct mail solutions. You might feel this means taking the classic “save the trees” approach for eco-friendly marketing mail. However, although this remains an important narrative, what many businesses don’t realize is that paper is an eco-friendly choice because it is sustainable.

Paper producers worldwide cannot afford to mindlessly clear-cut forests, and instead have recognized for generations, that their success lies in taking responsibility for sustaining forests and making environmentally conscious manufacturing decisions.

We are here to dispel common myths, such as that more trees are grown than harvested in North America, so we can help you find truly eco-friendly options for your direct mail campaigns. The truth is, harvesting happens on 0.2% of Canadian forest land annually. In addition, sustainable certifications and government regulations mandate forest regeneration, so harvested spaces continue to produce trees for the foreseeable future.

Environmentally-friendly direct mail campaigns use paper made from consumer waste, lightweight papers, chlorine-free paper produced using chemical-free processes, and as little paper and packaging as possible. Let Troi help you make environmentally friendly choices with our direct mailing services.

Your next direct mail campaign can be eco-friendly if you follow these tips:

If you are looking for ways to become a green company focused on reducing your carbon footprint, we offer environmentally friendly solutions for your marketing campaigns. Some of the ways you can develop eco-friendly direct mail campaigns include:

  • Ramp Up Your List Management: Revising your mailing list reduces your quantities, saving paper and reducing energy used for your print run and processing. By simply removing outdated addresses and managing names based on response, you can not only reduce your carbon footprint but also your costs.
  • Use Recycled Paper: We can show you the best eco-friendly papers with a higher amount of recycled content. They do cost more, but if you reduce your mailing list, you can balance out the costs. You’ll also find they stand out in quality and you can mention the recycled paper to help establish yourself as a green company, boosting your brand image.
  • Get Creative: Being more creative with your direct mail designs allows you to leverage green principles such as using paper that is:
    • Made from consumer waste
    • Made from other materials like sugarcane
    • Lighter weight
    • Chlorine-free
    • Manufactured using chemical-free processes
  • Choose Green Materials & Environmental Companies in Toronto: You can also create climate-friendly marketing mail packages with fewer pieces and less packaging with paper produced by certified environmental-friendly paper mills. Also, use eco-friendly inks, varnishes, and coatings to reduce environmental impact.
  • Encourage Recycling: Print environmental certifications on your mail pieces and remind your recipients to recycle direct mail.

Luckily, many of our clients find that when they embrace the environmental marketing mail approach to their direct mail campaigns, they end up reducing costs through mailing list efficiencies. This also increases their ROI per mailer because your mailing list is up to date, has fewer names, and is reaching out to people who want to hear from you.

Does using paper products kill trees?

When consumers demand fibre-based packaging, pulp, and paper, this creates a need for plentiful, renewable wood fibre. The need encourages paper manufacturing companies to maintain abundant, healthy forests—and industry standards such as FSC, PEFC, and Sustainable Forestry Initiative. This supply-demand relationship incentivizes landowners to grow and keep their forested land. As a result, forests are protected, and a more responsible approach to forest maintenance is adopted to protect trees from being clear cut.

Does paper impact climate change?

Since trees are a renewable resource, many climate specialists conclude that carefully managed forests are one of the most cost-effective ways to handle climate change.

Wouldn’t digital marketing be more eco-friendly?

Absolutely not. Most people do not realize the impact digital marketing has on the planet. One million digital ad impressions generate as much carbon emissions as a round-trip flight from Boston to London for one person. Marketing activities contribute a substantial percentage of corporate greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, a website with 100,000 page views per month emits twice as much carbon dioxide per year than a Toyota Yaris. Data centers also consume significant quantities of electricity, often equivalent to towns or smaller cities because of their massive servers. 

Data centers use 1% of global electricity consumption. One study found that online advertising consumed between 20.38 to 282.75 TWh of energy and produced 11.53 – 159.93 million tons of CO2e when producing the electricity consumed. 

Adding to the issue is invalid traffic associated with online advertising which causes 2.65 – 36.78 million tons of CO2e emissions. More and more groups are calling for the energy burden of online advertising to be studied to identify eco-friendlier ways to improve the industry.

Source: https://www.thedrum.com/opinion/2022/09/21/how-digital-marketing-directly-contributing-climate-change


Are there other ways to improve my environmentally-friendly direct mail green methods?

Yes, be sure to use research to target your customers to have a more precise list with fewer names that impact mailing services. This ensures you aren’t doing something that unintentionally costs you money such as marketing your landscape and lawn services to people living in apartments. Also, include contact information that allows customers to opt out of your environmentally friendly marketing mailings. This makes you look good, while also reducing the amount of paper used for mailers and, in turn, the cost of your campaigns. Last but not least, always print on both sides of your pages to reduce costs and save on resources when producing your environmental direct mail.

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