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Postcard printing services are a highly effective method for reaching new customers and improving brand awareness with consumers. They are the most direct form of direct mail because they share your information immediately with the recipient, without the distraction of an envelope. While an envelope is sometimes necessary for trustworthiness and to elevate the interaction of your piece, a visually impactful printed postcard with a strong offer may be all you need to drive sales and brand awareness.

The strategic options for direct mail postcards are vast. One option is to send Canada Post Personalized Mail (formerly known as Addressed Admail), in which the postcard is personalized to a specific name and address. You can use your own mailing list, or request a targeted address file from a trusted list broker or data compiler. If requesting an address list for a personalized acquisitions mailing campaign is a priority for you, Troi Mailing Services in Toronto can point you in the right direction of data providers. We also perform address validation and duplicate records elimination on all addressed mailings, unless instructed otherwise.


The intimate level of personalization accessible through printed postcards in Toronto is impressive. Recent technological innovations and digital laser printing have made it possible for direct marketing postcards to be highly customized, including personalized pictures through variable imaging. Consider taking time to segment your data according to geography and/or demographics in order to draft a customized message for each segment. Leveraging aspects of your data is a powerful strategy for creating personally relevant offerings. This includes identified gender, shopping habits, location, and more. Personalization is key for making your customer or prospect feel special, which is a fundamental competency of direct mail advertising. Direct mailing adds that physical, literal, special touch.


Another direct mail postcard strategy is sending Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail (formerly known as Unaddressed Admail), which is also known to some as the “spray and pray” technique. Neighbourhood Mail (formerly known as Unaddressed Admail) is often used to blanket letter carrier routes in a specific areas(s) for new customer acquisitions and brand awareness efforts. To best convert the risky shot of spraying an area and praying for success, Troi Mailing Services in Toronto can help target your unaddressed mailings to become more tailored and meaningful.

Using Canada Post data tools, we run reports and letter carrier maps against an array of household demographics. This makes it easier to identify and choose the letter carrier routes that best match your intended direct mail campaign audience. All you need to do is confirm your target, and our team will print the postcards and bundle them consistently for Canada Post letter carriers. Cross-banding is even better to secure your bundles and reduce any mishaps during mail processing, transit and delivery. Unaddressed mail service in the United States is known as Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).


Postcard production can be cost effective through bulk printing. While smaller postcards like 4 x 6″ and 5 x 7″ are most cost effective, you can still achieve standard sized Personalized Mail postage (formerly known as Addressed Admail) with a 6 x 9.5″ postcard, and standard sized Neighbourhood Mail postage (formerly known as Unaddressed Admail) with a 6 x 12″ postcard. Direct mail sizing depends largely on the nature and intention of your piece. An invitation, for example, is typically best suited as a smaller 4 x 6″ postcard, or a folded card. Take time to ensure that your logo is strong, and use colours that are familiar to your brand.

Best practices for making your direct mail postcards simple yet informative involve brainstorming your offer and competencies within the industry, drafting the content, and then removing all the fluff. Incorporating a coupon with a perforation or dotted line is a simple yet effective design that can help drive results. It gives the recipient something of monetary value to hold, keep and use, which is marketing endgame.

Postcards are tried and true. The creative options are expansive and exciting, while being easy to manage at the same time. Troi Mailing Services in Toronto would love to help plan your next postcard direct mailing campaign. Let’s get started on what’s right for you!

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What is Postcard Printing?

One of the best direct mail marketing techniques available today is the postcard. They provide top-notch marketing for a minimal fee. The graphic advertisement for your product or service should go on the front side of the postcard, and you can write the recipients’ addresses on the divided back side. You may grab your customers’ attention by employing vibrant colours, captivating pictures, and unique custom fonts.

Can I Use My Custom Postcards Outside Direct Mail?

Yes! Other than for direct mail, postcards have other uses. To make them more apparent and allow customers and passersby to take a copy with them to read, place them in high foot traffic areas or at points of sale. Your postcards can assist capture people’s attention and help your business stand out if they have a fantastic design and elegant use of colors.

What does postcard coating or finishes mean?

A coating or finish is used to protect the printed postcard. A postcard is handled quite a bit by the postal service as it travels through the mail. The card has a coating that helps shield it from dampness, fingerprints, scuffing, and scratches. By doing this, you can be sure that when a potential consumer receives your postcards, they will still look good.


You all did a great job working with me on the project. Now that the sale is being opened up to the public we are shifting dollars into TV and digital. Glad to know I have a reliable, fast, competent and creative private mail team to call on when work arises for Tiger in Toronto.

David Flood Tiger Capital Group

When I was searching for a company to handle my mailers, Troi was the first company that came up. I contacted them and I’m glad that I did! I have worked with the Troi Mailing & Timeline Printing team (Peter and Ken) for a couple of years now.

Christina Patriarca DerKar Group of Companies

You and your team made it very easy for us and the reason that we kept coming back is because of the service, speed of delivery and the fact that you answer the phone!! Believe me it makes the biggest difference to be able to call and get a quick response.

Hareem Ahmed Merlan Scientific
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