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8 Creative Design Tips for Postcard Printing

8 creative design tips for postcard printing

Direct mail postcards are a highly effective and cost-effective way to market your business. They don’t use envelopes, so there is nothing between your message and the reader. Consequently, a good postcard design is a must. Otherwise, your postcard may be overlooked by recipients.

If you’re interested in elevating the look of your postcards, here are eight creative design tips you should consider.

1. High-quality imagery

Your postcard is likely going to include some imagery. For example, you may opt for brand-specific photographs, stock images, illustrations, or graphics. You might also include images of a product you’re trying to promote.

Images are great for adding visual appeal to your postcard and breaking up the text. Furthermore, a good image works hand in hand with your copy to support your message. It can evoke an emotional response and help readers understand your brand better. We’ve all heard the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words!”

High-quality imagery is an excellent addition to your postcard design. However, a low-quality image can affect your message. Not only does it look unprofessional, but it discourages recipients from reading (and keeping) your postcard. Consequently, it’s best to always choose high-quality images on all your postcards.

2. Use colour intentionally

Colour is hugely important in marketing. Different colours bring out different emotions in readers, which can help or hinder your message. As a result, it’s important to use colour intentionally when designing your postcard.

The colour red is often used to grab the attention of readers. It stands out and conveys importance or urgency. On the other hand, purple and violet are associated with luxury or fantasy. In that same vein, black is associated with sophistication and is often used by luxury brands. Green represents health or nature, making it ideal for eco-friendly companies.

Choose colours that align with your message, represent your brand, and appeal to your audience.

3. Limit yourself to one or two fonts

You should limit your postcard to one or two font types. In this department, less is more. Using too many typefaces makes your postcard look cluttered, confusing, and unprofessional.

Remember, postcards are small. There is limited space, making it easy to overload your postcard with too many elements. In larger direct mail formats, you can use up to three unique font styles. However, three is usually too many for a postcard.

4. Maintain brand consistency

The colours, fonts, and images on your postcard should also align with your overall brand image. Consistent branding plays a crucial role in making your company recognizable. Customers should be able to instantly pick your brand out from a sea of competition.

Although it may be tempting to go out on a creative limb with your postcard printing and create something brand new, this can confuse readers and muddy your overall brand image. Therefore, try to use the same fonts, colours, and logos across all your marketing channels.

5. Text should be easy to read

If the text on your postcard is too difficult to read, then people won’t read it.

There are many factors that impact readability. For example, our eyes tend to glaze over large blocks of unbroken text. Cluttered text is an eyesore, and it’s difficult to read. Break up the copy, and keep it short. The messaging on your direct mail postcard should be concise. This will help to keep readers engaged and interested.

However, the style of the font also affects readability. If you choose a light colour for your text, it can be hard to read. Similarly, fonts that are too small are problematic as well.

6. Avoid visual overload

Avoiding visual overload is a significant challenge in postcard printing. Excited business owners often want to add a wide array of elements, colours, images, and fonts to their postcards. However, this leads to a cluttered postcard design that detracts from your message.

When it comes to postcard design, keep it clean and simple. You can communicate your message more effectively with fewer visual elements.

Negative space (the space around images, text, etc.) is an essential part of all good design. Every successful postcard uses negative space to add breathing room to its various elements. It plays a vital role in avoiding visual overload and clutter.

7. Balance and contrast

Another trick to avoiding visual overload and creating a harmonious postcard design is to utilize balance and contrast. These two design elements produce a postcard that is easy on the eyes.

Contrasting elements attract attention without becoming busy. For example, try using dark against light, large and small text, and opposite colours.

Furthermore, distribute elements relatively evenly on your postcard. This helps it appear balanced. You can also include elements that are similarly sized.

8. Don’t forget the back

Postcards can have two sides, so you should use both. Moreover, direct mail postcards are often delivered so that the back is the first thing your reader sees as they sort through their mail. As a result, you should not neglect the backside of your postcard. It’s another fantastic opportunity to grab the attention of readers and make an impression.

With postcards, both sides should work together to convey your message. By including visually interesting and attractive elements on both sides, you double the chance of success.

If you’re interested in using a double-sided postcard to make an impression on readers, Troi Mailing Services can help with double-sided postcard printing.

Professional Postcard Printing for the Best Results

By following the above eight postcard design tips, you’re on your way to a successful marketing campaign. However, effective postcard design is only half the battle. You also need professional postcard printing to stand out.

Fortunately, Troi Mailing Services can help. We offer high-quality, customizable, and cost-effective postcard printing services in Toronto. Reach out to us today to plan your next postcard direct mailing campaign.

To learn more about postcard printing, call Troi Mailing Services at 1-866-486-9350 or contact us online.

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