Profile Reports

A Profile Report is a document generated by Canada Post’s Data & Targeting Team that highlights various characteristics of your customer base or market.

A critical step in any successful direct mail marketing campaign is getting to know your customer better!

Profiling helps your direct mail campaign by:

  • Painting a picture of a trade area
  • Determining the profiles of your best customers using their postal codes
  • Comparing your customers to the average population
  • Understanding key demographic insights about your customers and then finding lookalike audiences
  • Targeting customers with the highest likelihood to respond to your Smartmail Marketing campaign
Profile reports

A Customer Profile is conducted when you want to learn more about your existing clientele using data that you provide.

A Market Profile tells the story of an area without using your customer data.

A Geolocation Profile is great for when you don’t have specific data on your customers but want to know more about their foot traffic. This data is produced using mobile data collected by Canada Post’s data partners.

A Customer Persona is developed to paint a picture of your best potential customers. Profiling is the first part of the persona process where Canada Post and Troi Mailing Services help extract key demographics and attributes of your customers. It’s critical to have the profiling conversation early in the planning phase to design an accurate Customer Persona.

  • Profiling is about bringing your data to life and using the insights to gain a better understanding of your existing and potential customers.
  • With Profiling, you will be able to create a Customer Persona of your best customers.
  • Inspire direct mail campaign action by using the insights from the report to build a targeting strategy that will get the right message into the hands of the right people.
  • Always keep the campaign objectives top of mind to help you inform the campaign message and strategy.

Troi Mailing Services can help you leverage Profile Reports and show you what these insights can do for your campaign. Please contact our team to get started with recommendations.

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You all did a great job working with me on the project. Now that the sale is being opened up to the public we are shifting dollars into TV and digital. Glad to know I have a reliable, fast, competent and creative private mail team to call on when work arises for Tiger in Toronto.

David Flood Tiger Capital Group

When I was searching for a company to handle my mailers, Troi was the first company that came up. I contacted them and I’m glad that I did! I have worked with the Troi Mailing & Timeline Printing team (Peter and Ken) for a couple of years now.

Christina Patriarca DerKar Group of Companies

You and your team made it very easy for us and the reason that we kept coming back is because of the service, speed of delivery and the fact that you answer the phone!! Believe me it makes the biggest difference to be able to call and get a quick response.

Hareem Ahmed Merlan Scientific
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