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Troi Mailing Services has been offering premium Canadian, U.S, and International Direct Mail and Fulfillment Services to its customers for over 30 years. 

Our team provides unparalleled knowledge in the direct mail industry ensuring your direct mail promotions see the highest possible ROI. We offer expertise in document personalization trends and advanced distribution methods covering every step of the often complicated direct mail process. We make it easy to market your business using direct mail in Toronto or anywhere in Canada. 

Troi Mailing’s direct mail experts offer valuable advice to ensure your campaigns are as effective as possible. Direct mail remains one of the most trusted methods of advertising available. With the addition of personalization, you can provide specialized information and offers to your customers and target audience to see impressive results. 

Direct mail pieces are far more tangible than any other marketing method, with a cost-effective approach that is especially effective for geotargeting for local businesses. The design flexibility allows you to adjust your budget to either send out more mailers or up the design features or size of your mailer to suit your marketing needs. Troi Mailing Services can help your business succeed with customized Direct Mail Printing Services in Toronto.

Our Services

Troi Mailing is a full direct mail service provider specializing in all elements of direct marketing and campaign launches. Our experts are ready to assist in creating an impactful direct mail campaign to contribute to your company’s growth and success. We can help at a single step of the process such as mailing, or manage every aspect from design to reporting on metrics of success.

Direct Mail 101

It’s all about the right target, the right message, the right time, and the right media. We focus on purposeful marketing designed to meet your needs. Whether it’s a flyer, postcard, magazine, or something outside the box, choosing the right direct mailer ensures you meet your marketing goals. We help you maintain customers, increase customer value or find new customers with the right media to attract attention and trigger action to see more conversions.

Data Processing

Data processing is a technical, time-consuming area of direct marketing. We offer all relevant data and mailing list services to make your campaign a success including:

  • Canadian and US mailing list sortation: As trusted direct mail providers in Toronto, we professionally sort and format lettermail, marketing mail, pubmail and parcel posts to ensure that every direct mail processing project is received by its intended recipient.
  • Merge/purge for duplicates and invalid records: Toronto bulk mail is prone to undeliverable mailers. Troi manages everything from basic consumer lists to some of the most complicated B2B files, with customized solutions to meet all of your direct mail fulfillment requirements. 
  • Document integration: We handle all aspects of data-to-document integrations to ensure your mail advertising is clean, professional, and error-free.
  • Address validation: Address validation ensures each mailer address is valid and reaches its intended recipient. We use National Change of Address to catch all reported address changes and a coding accuracy system to ensure the right postal code is used for the address provided.


Our lettershop services include Inkjet Addressing, Folding, Mechanical Insertion, Label and Tabbing, Polybag, Kitting and Manual Fulfillment. Each plays a critical role in direct mail success and requires careful planning and execution to ensure every mailer arrives at its intended destination. 

We customize your direct mail campaigns to suit your needs and budget using cost-effective proven methods for flawless delivery every time. When you’re uncertain where to begin, our lettershop pros can walk you through the process and help you make an informed decision to enjoy the highest possible ROI.

Variable Imaging

Printing direct mail requires variable imaging allowing you to customize your direct mail campaigns using digital laser printing with customized data, text, graphics, and/or images per recipient or segment. 

Today, direct mail campaigns are all about personalization and targeting using data suited to each of your target segments. You have the ability to create different templates and merges for a tailor-made campaign using our streamlined print and mail services Toronto businesses trust.

Direct Mail Advertising

Direct Mail Advertising continues to remain one of the best ways to connect directly with potential customers. According to 90% of companies, it is a great B2B lead generation tool. Emerging trends in direct mail technology allow you to fine-tune your targeting and use personalization to create a customer-centric marketing campaign. 

Although you might depend more on social media, the tangible nature of direct mail pieces makes it a more effective and trustworthy tool to reach your audience and customers. In fact, 87% of Canadians will open mail addressed to them personally, and 94% will open mail from a company they know. Also, 65% of people have made a purchase based on direct mail and 52% of redeemed coupons were the result of direct mail advertising. We take care of the work to get your direct mailing advertising campaigns prepped and delivered so you can reap the rewards of increased conversions.

Direct Mail Services (DM 101) in Toronto


Boosting Digital Campaigns With Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the most powerful and profitable marketing channels available today.

There’s a lot about the physical that customers appreciate. Hard-copy mail is opened more often, is considered more trustworthy, and is likely to inspire a purchase. A strong direct mail presence is important for any advertising strategy, especially when used in tandem with digital touch points. Combining direct mail with digital and social media will add longevity and elevate your marketing story into a robust campaign.

Whether it’s a flyer, postcard, magazine, or something outside the box, each direct mail product serves a purpose. Businesses should focus on the mediums that best fulfill their needs. If you want to keep the same customers coming back, a newsletter is a great option. If you need to drum up interest, postcards or flyers help bring immediate attention to your brand.

Reach Out To Your Clients With Our Effective Direct Mail Services

Every year, billions of dollars of goods and services are sold through direct mail —from automobiles to beauty products to home repairs. Large multi-national firms and small “Mom and Pop” companies can take advantage of direct mail to build their enterprises.

Since 1991, Troi Mailing Services has provided dedicated service and direct mail solutions for companies big and small. Whether it’s mailing to a house list of a few hundred names, or a national fundraising campaign to a rented list of 1,000,000 records, you will find our expert staff highly motivated and able to exceed your expectations on-time and on budget.

Troi’s team looks forward to your next direct marketing project! Please call our print and mail specialists at 866-876-4624 to get started.

How can I confirm that my mail was delivered?

Legally, Canada Post, United States Postal Service (USPS) and other postal services must ensure all properly addressed items are delivered to their intended location. As your mailing house in Toronto, Ontario, once we receive your mailers and mailing list we use several processes to validate addresses and postal codes to reduce the risk of undeliverable quantities.

What is the minimum quantity I can send for my mailing?

We set minimums based on the type of direct mailing project as follows:

  • Neighbourhood Mail: At least one complete letter carrier walk.
  • Personalized Mail: 100 pieces (machineable)
  • Special Handling: 1,000 pieces
  • Incentive Lettermail: 1,000 pieces
  • Postal Code Targeting (PCT): 100 pieces
Will my undeliverable mail be returned to me?

Yes, as long as you choose this option as part of your service. Canada Post offers Return Postage Guaranteed (RPG) to Personalized Mail at no additional charge.

How much does it cost for a direct mail campaign?

There is no easy answer to this question as every project is unique. As a result, direct mail costs vary based on your direct mailer format, print/mail quantity, level of personalization, and postage category. We believe in complete transparency. We provide a detailed customized proposal listing all the prices for the specifications you select for your order so you understand the full cost.

How Can We Help You Today?

You all did a great job working with me on the project. Now that the sale is being opened up to the public we are shifting dollars into TV and digital. Glad to know I have a reliable, fast, competent and creative private mail team to call on when work arises for Tiger in Toronto.

David Flood Tiger Capital Group

When I was searching for a company to handle my mailers, Troi was the first company that came up. I contacted them and I’m glad that I did! I have worked with the Troi Mailing & Timeline Printing team (Peter and Ken) for a couple of years now.

Christina Patriarca DerKar Group of Companies

You and your team made it very easy for us and the reason that we kept coming back is because of the service, speed of delivery and the fact that you answer the phone!! Believe me it makes the biggest difference to be able to call and get a quick response.

Hareem Ahmed Merlan Scientific
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There are several things you can do to make your direct mail campaigns more effective and successful. One of the steps you can implement to achieve this is utilizing variable image printing, or “variable imaging”...Read More

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