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The Best Promo Gifts for Your Summer Direct Mail Campaign

The Best Promo Gifts for Your Summer Direct Mail Campaign

Best Promo Gifts For Your Summer Direct Mail Campaign

When we first think of marketing, our minds often go to the internet and all of the different social media platforms. These tactics may come up first because they are fresh and newly popular. People sometimes forget that traditional marketing is still a favourable, competitive and reliable marketing solution. What other reason would large companies like Target, Walmart, and Petco, among others, send printed offers to your mailbox? While businesses can also send information and offers online, they know that sending direct mail campaigns will reach their customers at home. In this article, we will discuss what direct mail campaigns are, how promo gifts can be used as marketing, and why summertime is an ideal time of the year to send promo gifts and marketing material.

Direct Mail Campaign

A direct mail campaign is one of the most traditional ways to market directly to the consumer. The true, original way to market a product or service, and a way that is very powerful to this day, is word of mouth. Before Canada became the country that it is today, products and services were sold in smaller cities and towns. In these smaller spaces, the only way for someone to know about your product or service was through physical real estate and word of mouth.

If you had a great product or service, people would talk about it and you would gain more business. As our cities grew and populations increased, it was no longer viable for businesses to simply wait for customers to talk about their products or services. Thus began the direct mail campaigns that we still use today.

Direct mail campaigns are what the name implies. A business creates a plan around what could entice a customer to buy or do business with them. This could be anything from a 50% OFF coupon on their next purchase within the next 10 days, or some sort of promo gift that the customer was not anticipating. Imagine receiving the handle of a razor, but no razors, or shaving cream, plus a coupon for 20% off both of those items. This may entice the customer to purchase.


In conclusion, companies are still involved in direct mail campaigns due to the fact that they simply work. Summertime is one of the best times to send direct mail, because more people are on summer break and are more open to these types of marketing materials.

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