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Know Your Target Audience

Canada Post’s FREE Precision Targeting service is an ideal tool for successful direct mail marketing. Using specific postal data, the surefire Precision Targeter offers an inside look into valuable demographics.

How do you use the Precision Targeter to learn more about your external environment—and pinpoint potential customer hotspots?

  1. CLICK the red “try it now!” button at page to access the guided portal
  2. DESCRIBE your Neighborhood mail mailing campaign (weight, date, quantity, residence types, etc.)
  3. APPLY three demographic category filters to pinpoint relevant client bases
  4. SELECT and manage your delivery areas(according to municipality, business radius, postal areas, driving distances, etc.)
  5. DOWNLOAD your unique Precision Targeting Online Report and use this game plan toward your direct mail success

The online report will include a map, a pie chart, a postal glossary, your estimated delivery cost, and letter carrier route statistics. You can even use Map View or Data View in Step 4 to adjust the number of letter carrier routes—whether to maximize costs/quantities, or to minimize them. This valuable feature will, quite literally, navigate you toward direct mail marketing excellence.

For assistance with Canada Post’s Precision Targeter and mapping out your expert mailing solutions, please contact Troi Mailing Services at (416) 757-5598.

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