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Direct Mail Flyers & Postcards in Toronto – Easy Effective Advertising for Neighbourhood Mail and Other Canada Post Services

In her recent article “A Postcard is Worth a Thousand Words“, Toronto Star journalist Camilla Cornell reminds us of how powerful direct mail marketing can be.

Cornell’s designation–“Special To The Star”–are words that also resonate with direct mailers. Adding direct mail advertising to your marketing mix brings that special something to optimize brand awareness and consumer intrigue. Whether a catalogue with soft touch AQ, a neon brochure, or a scented letter, direct mail is guaranteed to stimulate a number of senses.

Cornell focuses on mailing postcards as a meaningful and cost-effective tool for customer acquisition. As she writes, postcards and flyers don’t “cost the earth” (see Canada Post’s discounted postage rates for Neighbourhood Mail campaigns, formerly known as Neighborhood mail). You can spin a postcard any way you’d like, whether that’s a coupon, gift card, ticket, or invitation. The world is your strategically-targeted oyster when it comes to letter carrier route mailings, assuming your data is well executed.

Direct mail houses like Troi Mailing Services are well-versed in the do’s and don’ts of mail targeting. To use Cornell’s example, just because homeowners in Rosedale often have larger household incomes does not mean they’ll be spending their money at your store in Etobicoke. Direct mail marketing success for Neighbourhood Mail, Every Door Direct Mail (via USPS), and similar letter carrier streams all depend on marrying the demographic with the geographic. Your flyers must land in the right hands at the right time, and your offer must be both enticing and convenient.

As Cornell concludes, designing direct mail materials can be tricky–especially when a worrisome amount of businesses try to pack everything into one piece. Our Smartmail Marketing experts at Troi are happy and ready to help plan the look of your next advertisement at 1-866-486-0423.

As summer weather pokes at the GTA, our mailing house welcomes your postcard and flyer projects–or should we say… gift cards, coupons, tickets, and invitation masterpieces!

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