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Addressing Accuracy Tips

Whenever you create a bulk mailing campaign, an early step is deciding on who you want to reach, and how. Does your mail piece speak to individual households, or general neighbourhoods? Current clients, or potential clients—or both?

If you opt for Personalized mail projects, a strong customer database is your best friend—as the main difference between Personalized mail and Neighborhood mail is simply that; the addresses.
While newer businesses with generic promotional material might prefer to mail Unaddressed projects toward specific demographics and letter carrier routes, a serviceable client data list always drives a higher response rate.

Collecting detailed client information—enough customer contact information to fulfill Personalized mail campaigns—speaks volumes about your company’s business culture and customer service standards. For businesses fortunate enough to possess mail-able client data, here are some valuable Canada Post tips for maximizing address accuracy:

• Ongoing maintenance – to provide opportunities for customers to update their contact information

• Address Validation and Correction Software – to remove foreign and in-house addresses from the database

• Printed list of invalid addresses – to identify addresses that require more information and/or modification

• Rented accurate address lists – to save you hours and costs

• Design relevant/detailed forms – to ensure that full and necessary customer information is collected

For a full reference of Canada Post’s Addressing Guidelines, download the PDF here:

For a list of Canada Post-approved Address Validation and Correction Software, click here:


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