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How to Combine Direct Mail and Social Media Marketing

How to combine direct mail and social media marketing

Social media is a huge presence in the lives of consumers around the world, but direct mail services play a major role in engagement and ROI. Combine the two, and you’ve got yourself a winning marketing campaign. 

According to Think With Google, your business could have a 30% higher rate of achieving lifetime customers when using multiple marketing channels. Direct mail services aren’t opposed to your social campaign. In fact, combining them has the benefit of drawing in more traffic from different consumer types.

At Troi Mailing Services, we work with businesses of all sizes across Canada. We work with brands supporting printing, mailing, data processing, and direct mail advertising. One of the questions we often receive is, “How do I merge my direct mail services and social media marketing into one campaign?” Here, we’ll talk about a few pointers to get you started. 

Print Your Socials on Each Mailer

Perhaps one of the simplest and most straightforward ways to incorporate social media with direct mail services is by adding your social media tag to mailers. Printing social media links can be as simple as typing out an account name, or as intricate as adding a bespoke QR code to your socials. 

Adding social media tags to mailers is a great way to ensure consumers know you’re active on social media and where to reach you. For companies with similar names, finding social media feeds is tricky. By adding your username directly to mailers, you’re guaranteed that customers will find you.

Consider Geotargeting 

Geotargeting is a great tool to determine the geographical location of would-be customers. You can determine a customer’s location based on IP address and other variables delivered through social media comments and engagement. 

Geotargeting allows you to build highly successful mailer lists with precise mailing locations. This is especially useful for broad campaigns where you want to see how many followers live in a particular community, and whether it’s worthwhile to send direct mailers that way. 

Create an Incentive

Adding your social name to mailers is a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t mean consumers will take the time to follow you. The best way to market your social media and use it to enhance an ongoing campaign is to incentivize it. 

Some ways to incentivize social media through direct mail services include:

  • Exclusive offers for liking or sharing
  • Contests for new followers
  • Discounts for followers who share with friends and family
  • Loyalty points for comments and likes

Tell consumers about upcoming social events and contests, which they can find by following the link on your mailer. Your social media feed encourages customer engagement, and your mailer brings customers to the social media feed. It’s a win-win!

Send a Meme

Social media is known for many things, including meme-sharing. A meme is a humorous photo, cartoon, or text, which has gone viral online. Sending a meme by mail instead of social media is a fun and quirky way to encourage new customers. 

Thinking outside the box in this way shows shoppers that your brand knows about popular culture and is in on the trends. It also humanizes your brand by showing consumers that your business gets the joke and has a few of your own to share. 

Be a Social Media Spy

Even if social media isn’t your first choice for a marketing campaign, you can use it to improve your direct mailers by scoping out the competition. Many local businesses list themselves on social media these days. This gives you a prime opportunity to see what they’re posting about and, better yet, what customers are reacting most to. 

Use the information you draw from social media spying to create more effective direct mail campaigns, and rework your own social media ads for an edge. Social media is all about interactive marketing, and your mailers can draw on this energy and create tangible interactions with similar themes. 

Use Social Media to Conduct Surveys

Social media users love quizzes. Use your social media to collect information you can use to make your mailers better. By adding quizzes or polls to social media, consumers essentially tell you what they’re looking for in a company like yours.

Tailor your mailers and social media ads based on the information you learn. You can create all types of quizzes to keep things fun and interactive without seeming like you’re pushing for information. 

Draw on Mailing Lists for Your Social Media Marketing

It’s not just your mailers that benefit from your social media, the latter can benefit from your mailers as well. Using your mailing lists to draw in newcomers to your social media accounts—and attracting new traffic to your website in turn—is a great use of your mailing resources.

Mailing lists, whether broad or narrow, target the types of consumers your business wants in terms of location, age, shopping habits, and other demographics. Your social media followers should fall into the same category.

You can do the same with your social media following, using locals on your social media sites to create mailer lists.

Add Sign Up Forms to Social Media

Social media is used for a wide range of business services, including signing up new customers. Take advantage of your massive online following by including a signup form on your social media feed. Followers can sign up for your direct mailers, including promotional content, coupons, newsletters, catalogues, and more. 

Signup forms are a great way to create warm sales leads because consumers know exactly what they’re signing up for. All you need to do is take that information and use it to convert potential shoppers to lifelong customers. 

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