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What Are the Best Dimensions to Use for Flyers?

What are the best dimensions to use for flyers?

Flyers and brochures serve different purposes, and there are several design configurations available. The size of your flyer, as well as the stock used, can vary depending on your marketing needs and goals.

Before diving in to create your flyer, take some time to understand and clearly define your marketing objectives and tailor your flyer’s creation accordingly.

Why does paper size matter?

The size of your flyer can impact the logistics of your direct mail advertising campaign and affect how your advertisement is received by its intended audience. It can be tempting to think outside of the box and select a unique size, which may work, depending on the nature of your direct mailer. Sometimes sticking with familiar paper sizes yields better results if your message and purpose are straightforward. Standard sizes have been determined based on postal automation and consumers’ responses to convenient sizing, and have become the sizes that consumers are most familiar with.

Selecting a new flyer size can catch your potential customers’ attention, but it could also appear inconvenient and unfamiliar for them. The size of your flyer will vary depending on the environment it is being distributed in. For example, if the flyer is meant to be carried for a significant amount of time, then a smaller, more compact size would be better, whereas flyers mailed directly to the home can utilize larger dimensions.

It is also important to consider the postal system, as most flyers are sent to consumers through the mail. Standard sized flyers work best with the postal system which involves several automated sorting and handling processes designed to handle specific standardized sizes.

Although it’s most cost-effective to use a standard paper size when designing your flyer, there are also non-standard options that are acceptable alternatives. One alternative includes a square flyer with dimensions of 148mm x 148mm. This square size allows you to offer your consumers a flyer that stands out from the others but doesn’t stray far from the traditional flyer sizes.

What are the different flyer dimensions?

Neighbourhood Mail: Up to 6” x 12”, and up to 9” x 12”

Neighbourhood Mail (formerly known as Unaddressed Admail) comes with two size allowances: up to 6” x 12” for standard size, and up to 9” x 12” for oversize.

This direct mail stream offers a lot of space and is an excellent, cost-effective way to explain your message. You can utilize both sides of the page to promote your product, service, or event, and it is perfect for door-to-door messaging.

Personalized Mail: Up to 6.1” x 9.6”, and up to 14.9” x 14.9”

Personalized Mail (formerly known as Addressed Admail) allows up to 6.1” x 9.6” for standard size, and allows up to 14.9” x 14.9” for oversize.

The oversize option offers greater space to promote your message. Standard size Personalized Mail flyers are relatively small and perfect for direct mailing campaigns because of their familiar size and light weight.

Smaller Direct Mail: 4” x 6”

Another option for smaller dimensions is 4” x 6”, which are perfect for invitation-style direct mail and great to hand out at trade shows.

What are the best dimensions to use for flyers?

The size of the flyer that you choose should be based on the content of your flyer as well as where it will be distributed. Flyers intended to be posted on walls or information boards, aimed to convey a lot of information, should be printed in a larger size; the bigger, the better, as large-format mail stands out and is much more noticeable. Flyers that are destined to be mailed out should be made in the smaller sizes suggested above.

The cost per flyer should also be considered when printing your flyer, as larger and non-standard sizes are typically more expensive. Rather than deciding your flyer size at the very end of your designing process, make it a point to put it at the beginning of your planning process, and tailor your design accordingly. Check on postage rates in advance to ensure compatibility with your budget.

When it comes to flyers, there are many different styles coupled with new and creative ideas to help you get your message across. In this sea of new and exciting styles and patterns, flyer size is one aspect that has remained steadfast.

The standard options for flyer size have all been tried and tested, and proven successful. Consumers are familiar and comfortable with these flyer sizes and have offered the best responses to them.

It is possible to stray away from standard sizes. Oversize pieces are also effective and recommended based on the nature of your piece. The type of message you are hoping to convey, as well as the environment where it will be distributed, will play a large role in the size of the flyer you choose to print. Take the time to plan and research the best way for consumers to receive your flyers so that they will respond better to what you have to offer.

To learn more about the best dimensions for your flyer and direct mail printing in Scarborough, call Troi Mailing Services at 1(866) 486-9350 or contact us here.

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