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Get Creative with Direct Mail Marketing

As we have seen with many of our most successful mailing campaigns, creativity is a hugely effective mail marketing strategy. Aside from the usual creative content, exciting masthead fonts, bright colours on postcards, etc. Novelty in the mail piece form is often more difficult to create. How do companies produce direct mail that will “wow” their clients? In the past, Rogers Cable reached out to several thousand customers who exhibited enthusiasm towards Spanish TV channels. The campaign involved mailing out replica TV remotes to the appropriate customers, bundled with an inviting mailer offering six Spanish-themed TV channels for $15.00 a month. Most ingeniously, the navigation buttons on the replica remote were replaced with various Latin American flags. This is how Rogers got creative with mail. Its campaign renovated the predisposed visions and limitations of direct marketing by mailing out a wonderfully odd mail piece. Rogers’ multicultural marketing expert Bobby Sahni explains, “When you get something that’s been customized, or speaks to the language or culture of these customers, it tends to get noticed.” You can hear more of Troi Mailing Service’s direct mailing ideas shared by Sahni in “Think inside the Box” short online video from Canada Post’s event.

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