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Adding Landing Pages to Direct Mail

Adding a dedicated landing page to your direct mail campaign can help boost your response rates and ROI.

The landing page acts as “your online receptionist for your direct mail prospects”. The pages allow you to continue the conversation with your prospect and communicate your marketing message with people who are interested enough in your product or service to visit the page.

Prospect information can be captured on landing pages through the use of a contact form. This will allow for higher quality follow-ups which in turn yield higher conversion rates.

Good landing pages generally have the following key elements in place:

• A consistent design and message between the direct mail piece and the landing page.

• An engaging headline to capture interest.

• A free offer to visitors for filling out the contact form.

• A contact form with the minimum number of fields.

• Add trusted logos to the website.

• Your contact information including a mailing address and phone number.

Addressed Admail mailings can use personalized landing pages (PURLs) which are
tailored to the recipients for an even more customized marketing approach.

Source: Flagship April 2014 Newsletter


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