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How to Create a Business Letterhead That Has a Lasting Impression

Some things tend to stick. Whether it’s a name, a specific logo, a catchy jingle, or a scheme of colours, certain things have a very memorable appeal and aren’t easily forgotten.

How to Create a Business Letterhead That Has a Lasting Impression

The ability of your business to create a lasting impression in the minds of consumers is a very effective tool for advertising. To help with this, it’s always a good idea to personalize your company’s logo or colours to help make them easily recognizable.

One way to do this is to create a business letterhead, which is the official paper used by a business to print their letters, direct mail promotions, or other types of documents. A business letterhead is used for all types of written correspondence between the business and its clients, fellow associates, or the media.

The type of design you create for your business letterhead should be unique to and fit the personality of your business and your direct mailing campaigns. Your consumers will learn to associate your letterhead with your business and hopefully understand the type of image it is aiming to create.

Just remember, your business letterhead will be seen by many different groups of people and should be able to create a lasting impression on them, as well as convey your message. If you’re ready to create a business letterhead with a strong first impression, let us share some great ways to create a design that will be memorable and effective.

1. Be clear and easy to read

In order to convey any message, the message must be clear and easy to read. The style of font, as well as its colour and size, are crucial aspects of your letterhead. If your font is unreadable, a light colour, or simply too small, it won’t pop out to its viewers. You want your viewers to remember the name of your business and any accompanying slogan, so it should stand out and be easy to read.

2. Simplicity is never overrated

As tempting as those curvy and wavy fonts may appear, they usually don’t have the same impact as a bold and clear font. It’s important to keep things simple and include the essential information, including your logo, any graphics, and contact information, in a way that doesn’t appear overwhelming for your viewers. Never underestimate the power of a carefully selected colour scheme and font type to be seen, read, and remembered.

If you’re ever in doubt about whether to include something in your stationary or direct mail materials, just remember that simplicity is usually better. Your business letterhead shouldn’t be a source of detriment to the message you are trying to convey in your letter. Rather, it should be a way to enhance your business and make it more appealing.

3. Leave out the frills

Trying to pack your business letterhead with a ton of information isn’t always the best approach. Rather than taking in all of the information, your readers are more likely to ignore everything altogether.

Your business letterhead should only include the important details, including your business logo, business slogan, and any contact information so your consumers can get in touch with you. This includes your address, email, phone numbers, and a link to your website.

4. Choose quality

Graphics can be excellent tools to include in your letterhead; however, only if they improve the appearance of your direct mail letterhead. Not all letterheads require you to include graphics. Rather than taking up valuable space with an ineffective image, simply add your business logo and use your company colours on only a small portion of the letterhead.

Colours are also a great way to help enhance your business letterhead. Adding colour in certain regions can highlight certain areas. The choice of colour can help you elicit specific emotions and ideas for your consumers to help reinforce your brand.

Special direct mail printing techniques can also be used to help you create different textures and finishes on your letterheads to help draw attention to it.

5. Use the correct software

You don’t need super-expensive graphic design software to make a great direct mail letterhead. You can use Adobe InDesign or even Microsoft Word to create an equally effective and professional business letterhead. Specialized software is not necessarily a required tool to create your letterhead, but careful planning and the correct choice of font and colours are essential.

If you still don’t trust your design skills, you don’t have to fork out a lot for a professional either. These days, it’s relatively affordable to hire professional graphic designers online who can provide you with an excellent design. Troi Mailing Services provides graphic designing and mail design services.

6. Position your letterhead correctly

Images and fonts appear more visually appealing when they are balanced. It’s essential to pay attention to the indenting and the margins used on your business letterhead. The text and visuals should not appear to be swayed too far in any one direction around the outside of the page.

By achieving a balance between the text, shapes, and visuals, you will create a business letterhead design that appears connected and professional.

7. Plan the structure and hierarchy of your letterhead

There is only so much information that you can include in your business letterhead, so the information that makes the cut should be carefully selected and structured appropriately. The most important and defining information should be included as a central point for the viewer, and relatively less crucial information should be positioned appropriately in the periphery. Everything should be seen and hopefully, all the information absorbed in order of importance.

8. Unify your brand

In order to show uniformity within your business, all types of stationary and company materials should present the same letterhead design. The amount of information included on each item may vary. Still, overall, the main central feature, including the logo of your business letterhead, should always be included in all types of stationery and cards.

The finer details, such as the contact information, should be included in the letterhead of some of your more detailed letters and office materials, including business cards or company brochures. You want all aspects of your business to come together harmoniously.

It’s easy to underestimate the power that letterhead printing has to help advertise and unify your brand. ​A well-designed business letterhead for direct mail​ and other communications can be very memorable for your customers. Printing your unified branding on all of your business merchandise and stationery can help solidify your company and your direct mail designs.

The most cost-effective option for ​printing your letterheads​ is to do bulk printing in advance. As more of your direct mail projects and other tasks arise, most professional printers can utilize your letterhead inventory to personalize in bulk. This is a relatively more economical choice as opposed to individually colour laser printing each new project you start.

To learn more about ​creating and printing a memorable letterhead for your business​, call Troi Mailing Services in Toronto at 1-866-486-9350 or ​contact us here​.

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