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4 Reasons Personalization Matters in Direct Mail Marketing

4 reasons personalization matters in direct mail marketing

Have you ever received a gift with your name beautifully engraved on the item? Did the value of the gift increase because of the level of personalization? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, you are similar to many individuals out there who understand and value the importance of personalization. With the inclusion of a name or personal message, what may have been a general gift item becomes something thoughtful. 

The same idea can be applied to direct mailing campaigns that seek to market different brands and businesses. The concept of personalization in the world of marketing is certainly not a new one; it has always been used to strengthen customer relationships. 

Whether involving a personalized greeting or using a customer’s first name, the added personalization can ultimately create a better customer experience and help customers feel uniquely valued. Customers are almost four times as likely to respond to a personalized direct mailer, compared to those that are not. 

Marketing experts are often tasked with finding ways to personalize direct mailing campaigns and ensuring greater success for their advertisements. With the right resources, as well as the right tips and tricks, marketers can personalize everything from the promotional offers to the graphics, creating an experience with a lasting impression. 

Many companies are able to collect personalized data, including name, age, life stage, and interests. This data can be used to create customized direct mail campaigns for customers and prospects. We strongly believe that personalizing direct mail is an excellent way to help strengthen your marketing mix and your brand. Here are 4 reasons why: 

1. Customers appreciate it

One of the simplest reasons why direct mail personalization is a good idea is that customers appreciate the effort; they like receiving something that is unique to them. 

A person’s name is important to them, so when you use a person’s name during a conversation, they are more likely to listen to you. You will create a stronger connection with a personalized direct mail marketing and a greater likelihood that you will receive a response.

2. Improved targeting

When you plan and launch your direct mailing campaign, one of the most important pieces of the puzzle is your mailing list, including your target demographic. Sending your direct mail advertising to every possible address you find is not a smart or economical decision for your business. 

It’s important to identify your target demographic, so you know exactly who will respond best to your direct mail advertisement. Personalized direct mail helps you accomplish just this by allowing you to see what exactly your recipients are looking or. 

You can personalize your direct mail by customizing the offer and the content based on the demographic you are mailing to, as well as their previous shopping behaviour and personal preferences. This information can be used very effectively to improve your overall return on investment.

3. Personalization improves relevancy

We are bombarded with so much information daily that our brains have begun to filter unnecessary information to avoid overloading our senses. 

Our brains hold onto and pay attention to the relevant information that we come across, and filter out the noise. For example, if you see your name on an envelope, your attention is immediately caught. 

Simply adding your customer’s name can catch their attention long enough for them to skim the mail and absorb the message. Personalizing direct mail is the best way to ensure that it remains highly relevant and doesn’t simply get filtered and thrown directly into the trash. 

4. Improve the customer experience

Marketers can collect information about their customers to personalize their direct mailing advertisements. Personalization helps create a better customer experience because it offers customers exactly what they are looking for based on what they have looked for in the past. 

Personalization minimizes the overload of irrelevant information that customers have to wade through; rather, it directly offers them exactly what they want so that they can take action right away. By taking the time to personalize, you will create a positive customer experience and see a greater response rate to your direct mailing campaign.

Collecting and organizing personal data about your customers and their experience with your business is commonplace, leaving many marketers with multitudes of data at their fingertips. 

How marketers choose to use and incorporate that information into their direct mailing campaigns can be the difference between success and failure. 

Use the resources that you have to personalize your direct mailing campaign, sometimes simply just starting by personally addressing your customers by name. You’ll begin to see a greater response rate and the ability of your customers to connect with your brand. With minimal investment and simple tips and tricks, personalization can be a very useful tool to help you improve your return on investment. 

Personalization Options

At Troi Mailing Services, we understand the importance of personalization and the important role it plays in the world of direct mail marketing. We can perform variable imaging and multi-level personalization. We can use customized images, content, and fonts that can be merged throughout your documents and onto both sides of the page, using black or colour digital printing.

To learn more about why you should be personalizing your direct mail campaigns, call Troi Mailing Services in Canada at 1(866) 486-9350 or contact us here to learn more about how our direct mailing services can help you succeed.

About: Seamus Barton
Seamus Barton - Author
Seamus Barton joined Troi Mailing Services in 2014 after graduating from York University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Writing. As a manager of print and direct mail solutions, he sees how words play an important role in personalizing any experience. Seamus’ passion for writing motivates him to provide frequent direct marketing content that supports each Client’s individual needs. Please chat with Seamus about commercial printing and direct mailing campaigns, or about how to marry digital and physical strategies for optimal Smartmail Marketing success.

You can connect with Seamus on LinkedIn or by calling Troi Mailing Services at 1-866-486-0423 or via email at Read his latest article featured in Direct Marketing Magazine on “Dimensional Mail: Marketing’s Buffet Lobster

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