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10 Most Effective Places to Distribute Flyers

10 most effective places to distribute flyers

Location is considered one of the most critical aspects of the real estate market, and it also plays a significant role in the world of advertising and marketing. 

If you’ve got a new business starting up or a big event on the horizon, one of the most effective ways to spread the word is by putting up or distributing flyers in your local area. Flyers are a relatively older advertising method but have passed the test of time and remain an effective way to advertise products, services, or events. 

Whether you choose to print smaller flyers to distribute, large flyers to be hung up, or both, the locations you choose to place them can make all the difference. The sites you choose for your flyers can impact the number of people who come across your advertisement, as well as the demographic who see them. 

Let us walk through ten of the most effective places to distribute your flyers to maximize their success.

Shopping Centres

Shopping centres are usually bustling places where people come to enjoy a stroll through the mall, do a little shopping, and maybe enjoy a nice lunch. Shopping centres are visited by people of all ages and are great places to advertise your business or event.

The more people who come across your flyer, the greater the chances of someone visiting your business. You can also advertise your business or event using posters on busy streets with several retailers. These areas have very high traffic, especially in the summer months, when shoppers walk around and enjoy the weather. 

Be sure to get permission to post your flyers in other store windows so that passers-by can see them easily. Individuals who visit shopping malls and other retail areas are usually in the market for new items, which is why your flyer could effectively catch their attention.

Offices and Waiting Areas

Waiting areas in offices like doctors, dentists, hospitals, and beauty salons are great places for your flyers. You’ll have a steady flow of people who will come across your flyer in these areas. 

Make sure you seek permission to post your flyer in the office before doing so and design an eye-catching flyer that anyone in the waiting room will be able to read.  


Everyone needs food, which is why supermarkets are almost always busy with shoppers. If you can place your flyer near the checkout counters or public notice boards at the entrance or exit, you can be sure that many eyes will fall upon it. 

Local supermarkets are excellent places to spread the news about events within the community because those who live locally will likely be shopping locally. However, keep in mind that public notice boards in supermarkets can be very busy with other advertisements. Be sure to create an eye-catching design to ensure that your flyer stands out from the rest. 

Bus Stops, Subways, and Train Stations

Bus stops, subways, and train stations are great places to post your flyers for commuters of all ages to view and hopefully respond. People of different age groups utilize public transportation and usually have the time to read pamphlets and posters as they wait for their transit to arrive. 

Be sure to include a clear call to action so that your viewers know exactly how to get in touch with you or visit your business.

Community Centres, Town Halls, Senior Centres, Daycares, and Libraries

Locations open to the community, such as town halls, community centres, and libraries, are excellent places for advertising flyers. Senior centres and daycares also have their share of visitors and are great places to advertise directly to specific age-groups or demographics. 

Those who want a quiet and relaxing place to sit and read, do some research, or have access to the internet, usually head down to their local libraries. Libraries have a little something for everyone of all ages and backgrounds and can be an excellent place to hang your flyers. 

Schools and Colleges

If students are your target audience, then posting your flyers in schools and college libraries and notice boards is an excellent way to get the word out about your business or event. Schools and college campuses are always busy with students, so your adverts will get in front of the right audience.

Other Businesses

Many businesses require their customers to sit while they receive their service or involve some waiting time. Ultimately, these types of places allow customers to wander, observe, and read some of the material that may be posted around, including flyers. 

Beauty parlours, nail salons, and laundromats are generally not fast-paced, and customers usually have some time to kill. Placing your flyers in these types of locations are ideal because of the greater likelihood that your flyer will be read. 

Online Platforms

All avenues of advertising, including online platforms, should be utilized whenever possible. You could post a digital version of your flyer onto social media sites such as Facebook or post it on your partner’s websites. Using an online platform for advertising can be very useful and guarantees a broad audience.

Elevators, Public Washrooms, and Vending Machines

Whether it’s travelling up and down floors in a building, taking a washroom break, or grabbing a quick snack, elevators, public washrooms, and vending machines require individuals to slow down, allowing them the time to look around. 

That means that flyers posted in elevators, public washrooms, and vending machines are likely to be viewed. 

Directly to Families at Home

Placing your flyers or hanging them up in specific locations can be a great way to get your message across with ease. However, this method doesn’t always guarantee people will read your flyer. 

To increase the likelihood that your advertisement is viewed, distribute directly to your consumers’ homes. Troi Mailing Services can help you identify the best neighbourhoods to distribute your flyers based on your target demographic. Our team can help distribute direct mail flyers to households with specific incomes, building types, shopping habits and more.

Flyer Distribution with Troi Mailing Services

Flyers provide excellent ways to advertise your business or event. Remember that your flyer design helps you build your relationship with potential customers, so make sure you get off on the right foot and invest the time and effort to create a high-quality flyer.

For more flyer distribution tips and information on direct mail flyer printing, call Troi Mailing Services in Toronto at 1(866) 486-9350 or contact us here.

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