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10 Questions to Ask a Direct Mail Company

10 questions to ask a direct mail company

Direct mail remains one of the best ways to reach new customers, re-engage with existing customers, and increase your company’s market share.

However, a direct mail campaign is only as good as a direct mail provider. To maximize the results of your campaign, you need to partner with a professional and experienced direct mail company.

Here are the ten questions you must ask for the best direct mail company in Toronto:

1. How long have you offered direct mail services?

Before partnering with any new company, it’s always a good idea to ask about their experience level. The fact is that new, inexperienced organizations are more likely to make mistakes. These errors can delay services, create additional expenses, and lead to massive headaches.

The direct mail industry is complex. A lot goes into a successful direct mail campaign. It’s more complicated than slapping postage on an envelope! Working with an experienced direct mail company makes the process faster, easier, and more efficient.

Troi Mailing Services has been in business since 1991. Since then, we have become one of the Greater Toronto Area’s most trusted direct mail and fulfilment providers. We have extensive experience and expertise in postal regulations, document personalization, lettershop processes, and distribution.

2. What additional services do you offer?

Some direct mail companies offer additional services besides getting your marketing materials into the mail. The more your direct mail provider can do in-house or through their close partnerships, the more streamlined and efficient the process will be.

Troi Mailing Services is a one-stop shop for design, print, and direct mail fulfilment. Our in-house design team can assist you with everything from simple design tweaks to more complex undertakings. Additionally, we partner with our print division Timeline Printing for all printing projects. With 35 years of experience, they are a reputable direct mail printer in the GTA.

3. Can you integrate my direct mail campaign with my other marketing efforts?

Direct mail campaigns are most effective when used in tandem with your other marketing efforts. If you want to make an impact on recipients, you need to implement a multifaceted marketing strategy. Your direct mail provider can help with that.

Including QR codes, coupons, and specific links in your direct mail marketing materials is one way to integrate print and digital campaigns. Integrated multi-channel campaigns lead to the best results.

4. What direct mail products do you offer?

There are many direct mail products, each with unique advantages. Postcards are highly cost-effective, yet brochures provide ample room for information. However, not all vendors handle all formats.

Since you will likely want to use a variety of direct mail formats over multiple campaigns, it’s essential to know if your provider can accommodate this diversity.

At Troi Mailing Services, we offer a wide variety of print products through our partner, Timeline Printing, including:

  • Envelopes
  • Letterheads
  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Catalogues
  • Newsletters

5. What is the total all-inclusive cost?

Always ask for the total all-inclusive cost before handing over your hard-earned cash. Quotes should be comprehensive and detailed and leave nothing out. Unforeseen fees and undisclosed expenses can destroy your campaign’s ROI.

Every project is unique, so pricing will vary between campaigns. The direct mail format, print/mail quantity, level of personalization, and postage category all contribute to the final cost.

When you partner with Troi Mailing Services, we provide a customized proposal based on your specifications within one business day.

6. Are there minimum batch sizes and volume limits?

If your direct mail campaign is too small or too large for a provider to take on, the partnership will not work. Many vendors have minimum batch sizes and volume limits for campaigns.

As a Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner, Troi Mailing Services has the following minimum quantities required for Canada Post:

  • Personalized Mail: 100 pieces
  • Special Handling: 1000 pieces
  • Incentive Lettermail: 1000 pieces
  • Postal Code Targeting (PCT): 100 pieces

7. Do you offer direct mail A/B split testing?

A/B split testing is the most common and effective way to learn what works (and doesn’t) with your audience. It’s an essential part of creating successful Smartmail Marketing campaigns. At Troi Mailing Services, we can help analyze the data generated from each direct mailing campaign.

8. What response rate can I expect?

Response rates vary immensely between different companies, industries, and campaigns. The target audience, offer, design, and type of program all impact the direct mail response rate. Honest direct mail companies will never guarantee a specific response rate or ROI.

That being said, a 1-2% response rate is considered successful in acquisition mailing. Not-for-profit renewal mailings should aim for a 5-10% response rate.

9. What kind of customer support is available?

Creating a successful direct mail marketing campaign can be confusing and stressful. Consequently, knowing what kind of customer support is available to you is helpful.

Toronto’s best direct mail companies go above and beyond for their clients. They offer support in all stages of the campaign development process, from design to mail fulfilment.

The team at Troi Mailing Services is available to help every step of the way. Whether you need design support or to expedite your project, you can count on your dedicated Troi Mailing teammate.

10. Can I speak with your current and former customers?

Referrals are among the best ways to assess a company’s professionalism, quality, expertise, and customer service. Therefore, ask if you can speak with current or former customers before partnering with a direct mail provider. This tactic will help you detect red flags and find the best company for your campaign.

Ideally, you want to establish a lasting working relationship with your mail provider. If they have a proven record of success, that’s a good sign!

Direct Mail Companies in Toronto

Troi Mailing Services is your one-stop shop for your direct mail campaigns. We care for every aspect of your campaign, from design to print to mail fulfilment. Additionally, we provide analysis and testing to ensure your direct mail advertising efforts succeed.

To learn more about mail advertising, call Troi Mailing Services at 1-866-486-9350 or contact us here.

About: Seamus Barton
Seamus Barton - Author
Seamus Barton joined Troi Mailing Services in 2014 after graduating from York University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Writing. As a manager of print and direct mail solutions, he sees how words play an important role in personalizing any experience. Seamus’ passion for writing motivates him to provide frequent direct marketing content that supports each Client’s individual needs. Please chat with Seamus about commercial printing and direct mailing campaigns, or about how to marry digital and physical strategies for optimal Smartmail Marketing success.

You can connect with Seamus on LinkedIn or by calling Troi Mailing Services at 1-866-486-0423 or via email at Read his latest article featured in Direct Marketing Magazine on “Dimensional Mail: Marketing’s Buffet Lobster

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