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Acquisition Admail using Canada Complete

Reaching new audiences has it’s challenges. Marketers often find themselves asking some of the following questions:

How shall I reach them?

What should my offer be?

How do I get started?

Canada Post offers a service called Acquisition Admail. Through the use of Canada Post’s Data & Targeting team and their unique tool called Canada Complete you will have access to the most comprehensive address file in the Canadian Market place. Canada Complete provides access to over 13 million addresses and over 7 million consumer names. The records on the list are current, accurate and reliable for they are sourced from Canada Posts mail delivery database. Marketers are able to fine tune address files through various filters enabling them to generate a list of addressees that are most likely to convert. After all, the main goal here is to generate sales and revenues.

Data Selects Available through Canada Complete:

  • Target by Postal codes, using demographic, geographic and lifestyle filters
  • Target customers that have just moved (New or resale homes)
  • Target areas that have the highest percentage of current clients
  • Residential vs Business addresses
  • Automotive information
  • Ethnicity
  • Ontario Property Features

Once you have secured your list, our data team can suppress your current client file should you wish to not include them as part of the campaign.

It’s also important to be creative and have fun! We can help with this as well.


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