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Face Value: 4 Perks of Marketing Campaigns Using Commercial Printers & Direct Mailers

To switch focus briefly from Canada Post’s Breaking through the Noise whitepaper, let’s look at some more advantages of using direct mail companies.

Why choose Troi Mailing Services for your marketing needs?

Your customers’ inboxes are overflowing with faceless emails. Every email looks the same at face value until it is opened.
Commercial printing and direct mailing companies help to achieve pieces that are more captivating at face value. In comparison to email blasts that often carry generic or questionable content, direct mail delivers rare aesthetic care.

As mentioned above, direct mail products are physical symbols of your business’s face. Anything from window envelopes to 4-color print to customized indicias will give your marketing product an immediate spirit.
Similarly, direct mail allows for you to acknowledge your customer as a real-world person. By mailing to your recipients at their physical locations, you respect your customers as people who fulfill active routines. Mail marketing is welcomed into these non-digital routines and spaces.

During direct mail planning, postal data is used to target potential areas of high ROI. Programs like Canada Post’s Precision Targeter produce focused mailouts that capture specific geographies and demographics.
Email data will not share as much about your customer as postal and census data will. These superiorities lead into the fourth and final perk.

The postal industry has trusted you as a direct mailer to use confidential address information. This accredits a heightened sense of legitimized, non-threatening marketing.
Ultimately, email marketing is unable to say, “I know where you live,” and expect welcoming responses.

To get your hands on a customized mailing master plan through Canada Post’s Precision Targeter, please call Troi Mailing Services at (416) 757-5598 or 1-866-486-0423.


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