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Holiday & Christmas Direct Mailings in Canada – Catalogues, Cards & Quotes

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Marketing Magazine’s recent article, “Why Some Marketing is Better Done on Paper,” provides a perfect peek into the value of holiday direct mail. Author Rebecca Harris discusses Sears’ classic Wish Book in order to build her argument for direct mail marketing solutions. She emphasizes that, while online marketing only provides digital pages, flipping through the physical pages of a direct mail gift guide creates a memorable and timeless experience.

While Sears also offers a Wish Book mobile app, the company’s digital developments do not take away from the Canadian direct mail catalogues that greet 2.5 million customers at their doorsteps every year. The 520-page Wish Book is stitched with an irreplaceable nostalgia that customers welcome into their homes, share with loved ones, and remember.

Harris also includes a handful of direct mail quotes from major North American retailers. Here’s what some popular direct mail users are saying:

“A lot of us grew up with it… I think we probably all have memories of the Wish Book coming to our home, and taking out a black magic marker and circling what you wanted your parents to buy you. […] I think the Wish Book is more than a catalogue—it’s an icon of the holiday season. It’s really nostalgic for our customers and they’re passing it on to their kids.”
Vince Power, VP of Corporate Affairs and Communications at Sears Canada

“We’ve created more of a content-plus-commerce guide on how to brave the holiday season. […] Getting something physical in the mail that looks like a serious piece of content really gets people’s attention because it suggests that the marketer took the time to create something useful.”
Eric Alper, Senior Vice-President at Frank & Oak

“I get a lot of email and online cards and they’re wonderful, but now when I get a traditional card from a friend or a handwritten letter, I find it even more impactful because it’s even more rare. […] I look at our printed piece the same way. We absolutely do a lot of digital… but there are moments throughout the year where taking a more traditional approach can be even more powerful and the gift guide is a great example of that.”
Alison Simpson, SVP of Marketing and Customer Experience at Holt Renfrew

As these successful direct mail promoters attest, direct marketing drives a special response that other marketers just can’t beat. To start sharing your best direct mail holiday promotions in Canada, please contact our Toronto direct mailing service at 1-866-486-0423.

Happy Holidays from Troi Mailing Services!

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Seamus Barton - Author
Seamus Barton joined Troi Mailing Services in 2014 after graduating from York University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Writing. As a manager of print and direct mail solutions, he sees how words play an important role in personalizing any experience. Seamus’ passion for writing motivates him to provide frequent direct marketing content that supports each Client’s individual needs. Please chat with Seamus about commercial printing and direct mailing campaigns, or about how to marry digital and physical strategies for optimal Smartmail Marketing success.

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