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Direct Mail Marketing To Physicians: 5 Best Practises

Many marketers today focus their efforts on digital advertising channels. But when marketing to medical practices, you don’t want to appear as intrusive or spammers, so traditional marketing tactics such as direct mailing may work best.

Direct Mail Marketing Strategies To Reach Healthcare Providers

With a well-designed postcard or brochure, a list of targeted addresses, and a small budget, marketers can successfully reach medical practices – whether your goals involve physician relations, recruiting, or referral development. Just follow these best practices to engage with your current clients and bring in new ones:

  1. Avoid sending letters

    Physicians receive countless letters every week from insurance companies, job seekers, hospital groups, physical therapy practices, etc. Adding your letter to the stack won’t guarantee that it will be seen, opened, or considered. Give your message a chance by sending a mailpiece that stands out.

  2. Experiment with different paper sizes and weight

    Consider this: in a stack of 20 letters with one postcard that stands out due to its unusual thickness, shape, or size, the physician is more likely to look at the postcard first before opening the letters. Give your mailpiece an edge by using non-conventional sizes, glossy and thick materials, or colourful and textural pieces.

  3. Use targeted medical imagery and messaging

    The messaging and imagery should be cohesive and clear. For instance, a post-surgical rehabilitation facility looking for referrals should consider using pictures of physicians and surgeons rather than generic stock photos. Similarly, physical therapy practices may include images of their newest technologies in action to help push the message across better.

  4. Add value

    With their busy schedules, physicians appreciate promotional items that are short and direct-to-the-point. But just as important is sending information that is relevant to them. Consider including content about innovative technologies and techniques, opportunities for advancing their medical education, and other topics that add value to their profession and practice.

  5. Include a compelling call to action

    Your outreach message should include a clear call to action telling them ‘what to do’ and ‘how they stand to benefit’. The action and incentive should align with their personal and professional interests.

Final note

Keep in mind that medical practices are one of the more heavily marketed audiences. Your mailpiece needs to be unique in both design and content. A creative design will get it opened, while meaningful content with real statistics, relevant images, and testimonials will get your business considered.

Interested in adding direct mail marketing to your advertising mix? Please call our Toronto mailing house at 1-866-486-0423. Troi spells success, one letter at a time!

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