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Canada Post’s New Nelson Mandela Permanent Stamp!

On January 27th, 2015, Canada Post memorialized the life of Nelson Mandela with a beautiful stamp. The stamp features a classic portrait of Mandela, photographed by Yousuf Karsh, which is accompanied by a backdrop of South Africa’s national flag.

Nelson Mandela Canada Post Stamp


At any given moment, a piece of mail is on its way to make an impact on someone’s life. We send letters and meaningful correspondences to each other, just as Mandela wrote to Winnie during his 27 years of imprisonment. The story of his long walk impacts and brightens the globe—and Canada especially. Mandela respected Canada as a place of freedom and understanding, and regarded our country as his home away from home. The spirit of Mandela hugs our world in profound ways, as he is an eternal compass toward the betterment of humanity.

Canada Post’s President and CEO, Deepak Chopra expresses: “Our stamp program seeks to tell the stories of people who have had a powerful effect on our society, and Nelson Mandela’s story is among the most powerful. Canada Post is truly privileged to celebrate his life, his legacy and his struggle that inspired generations to fight for what is right.”

The Nelson Mandela Permanent Stamp—at 32 mm x 32 mm—is available in booklets of ten. Mandela’s legacy will continue to shape our world and its many cultures, as we stamp our mail with a symbol of his leadership and love.

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