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10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Flyer Marketing

10 reasons why small businesses should invest in flyer marketing

Looking for a budget-friendly way to boost sales? Flyers are a versatile, affordable, and effective way to market your small business. 

Even in today’s digital world, flyer marketing is a powerful tool to get customers through your doors. Yet, only if it is used effectively.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Flyer Marketing

1. A Cost Effective Way to Advertise Your Business

Advertising can be costly. Fortunately, flyers are one of the most economical ways to market your small business. Since flyers are printed in bulk, they’re incredibly budget-friendly. 

You will not have to hand over a large sum of your hard-earned money to have flyers printed. The entire process of designing, printing, and distributing flyers is highly cost-effective and significantly cheaper than other forms of advertising. 

2. Easy to Produce

Flyers are fast and easy to produce, making them the perfect option for last-minute product launches, event announcements, or surprise sales. You can prepare, package, and distribute your flyer within the same day. 

On the other hand, other forms of advertising can take months to prepare for and launch properly. 

3. Easy to Distribute

Another advantage of flyer marketing is that flyers are easy to distribute due to their small, lightweight size. 

There’s almost nowhere that a flyer can’t go. They can be distributed through the mail, handed directly to customers, or inserted into newspapers and magazines. 

Plus, flyers are easy to carry around. Recipients can easily tuck your flyer into their bag for future usage, which is particularly handy if it has a coupon.

4. More Likely to be Seen

Digital advertisements easily get lost in the scroll. Many people no longer notice online ads, let alone remember their content. On the other hand, flyers are much more likely to be seen because customers must handle them directly. 

They either find a flyer in the mail or give one out directly. Either way, they have to look at it. As a result, customers are far more likely to remember flyer advertisements.

5. Flyers Support Your Digital Marketing Efforts

That said, flyers work best as part of your broader marketing toolkit. Using them in tandem with your digital marketing efforts would be best. For example, flyers can link to your website and social media channels through QR codes. 

This form is easier to direct customers toward your preferred channels and encourage them to take a specific action. 

6. They Provide Trackable Results

It’s essential to be able to track the success of your direct mail marketing. With flyers, results are easily tracked through flyer numbers, coupon codes, customer URLs, and QR codes. You can see how many people respond to your flyer by signing up for a mailing list or purchasing. 

7. Flyers Offer Creative Freedom

The sky’s the limit regarding flyer design. You have endless opportunities to get creative and craft a unique, impactful, and highly effective flyer that grabs recipients’ attention. 

But don’t let all that creative freedom intimidate you. Flyers are easy to design. Plus, many templates are available to help your small business market effectively. 

8. Tangible Marketing Material

Flyers are marketing material that your customers can touch and keep. They offer a fantastic opportunity to provide value to recipients in a way that online ads don’t. If you take the time to create a beautiful and memorable flyer, there’s a better chance that customers will hang onto it. 

When that happens, they have a tangible piece of your brand in their home. Flyers help keep your small business in mind and build stronger customer relationships.

9. Perfect for Store Openings and Product Launches

As a small business, you can use flyers to introduce your company, services, and products to new customers. 

The best time to do this is during store openings and product launches. Flyers let the people in your area know that you’re open for business and that exciting things are happening. 

You can also distribute flyers at your store opening, event, or product launch for customers to take home and learn more about.

10. Mandatory for Events

Whether hosting an event at your store or operating a booth at a trade show, you must have flyers available. 

When someone passes your booth or enters your store, hand them a flyer introducing your company and your goods/services. Flyers spread the word about your business, which is essential if you’re trying to reach new customers.

Top Tips for Effective Flyer Marketing

Have a Clear Purpose

If your goals are unclear, it isn’t easy to accomplish them. Consequently, always start by defining the purpose of your flyer. 

For example, do you want to generate new leads or increase your mailing list? Perhaps you want to drive people to your website?

Ensure the Design is Professional

A poorly designed flyer can ruin your business’s credibility and sabotage marketing efforts. 

If you can, hire professional help to create a compelling and impactful flyer design. Here are a few things to be mindful of:

  • Use two or three fonts at most.
  • Make sure it’s easy to read.
  • Avoid big blocks of text. Negative space is important!
  • Use high-quality imagery.
  • Choose colours that match your brand.

Have a Strong Call to Action

It’s essential to have a strong and clear call to action. A marketing flyer with a CTA is likely to bring meaningful results. 

Recipients need to know what to do with your provided information. Should they go to your website? Visit your store? Buy a product? Attend an event? Let them know!

Direct Mail Advertising with Troi Mailing

At Troi Mailing Services, we help businesses design and print impactful and effective flyers that make an impression on customers. If you’re a small business owner, take advantage of the incredible direct marketing power of flyer advertisements

To learn more about our mailing services in Toronto, call Troi Mailing Services at 1-866-486-9350 or contact us here.

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