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Turn Your Canadian Mailings Into International Campaigns With USPS Delivery

While many of our clients’ direct mail campaigns target recipients within Canada, a number of our clients show interest in mailing across the border.

Do we help with U.S. mailings?


Whether via USPS, Canada Post, or any national mailing company, all direct mail carries the universal power of a message made physical. Our direct mail consultants are experts on the postal requirements and inner workings of the United States Postal Service (USPS), and we are proud to contribute to the 512.8 million messages that USPS delivers daily.

Planning a smooth and cost-effective U.S. mailing campaign can be a time-consuming process. Troi Mailing Services’ insights into USPS mail verification and delivery processes will save you time and money.

First we process your mailing products at the lowest possible rate to help maximize your ROI.

Then we prepare your mailing products and deliver them to the U.S. border ourselves.

When your mail marketing products reach the hands of USPS’ 7,000 letter carriers, your business begins impacting U.S. residents directly. Please call our direct mail specialists at (416) 757-5598 or 1-866-486-0423 to start thinking beyond our borders, and inside the envelope.

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