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Troi Mailing Services Inc. – Dimensional Admail

February 24/2014

By all accounts it looks like the marketplace is renewing its appreciation of the value of direct mail. Our affection for email marketing is waning. Email campaigns are less expensive but they also have a significantly lower response rate than direct mail. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Conversely, we continue to like direct mail. 93% of Canadians are reading their mail as soon as they receive it. 89% of Canadians open their mail if it is sent from a company they know. We like ‘Dimensional Admail’ the best, affectionately referred to as Lumpies by the industry. ‘Lumpies’ are those pieces of mail that hold something mysterious, something that is not folded paper, be it a pen or a shampoo sample. Studies confirm that we like to receive mail generally but mostly we like samples and offers that are specific to our wants and needs. The intrigue of what the ‘lumpy’ holds is hard to resist. A Dimensional Admail sample is kept on Troi’s boardroom table and it is interesting to see that everyone goes to the lumpy quickly just to see what is inside.

Direct mail does not need to be difficult. The Return On Investment (TROI) for a direct mail project is relatively easy to calculate as well. We are here as your Canada Post Experts so use us as your resource and tap into the knowledge and experience we have gained and would like to share with you. Please give us a call so that we can help to make your direct mail projects easy for you too. We take great pride in answering your calls live with personal service so that you can get answers quickly.