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Smartmail Marketing

The Science of Activation Powers Smartmail Marketing™

© 2015 Canada Post Corporation

Neuroscience shows that the superior response rate of Smartmail Marketing™ is due to its mix of physicality, data and connectivity. Explore how the science of activation can improve your results in today’s multi-channel marketing environment.

There’s a more intelligent approach to direct mail, one that betters your return on investment. Canada Post Smartmail Marketing experts and partners can help you amplify your marketing mix.

The Mini-Catalogue: A Powerful Marketing Tool

© 2015 Canada Post Corporation

Today, the power and flexibility of digital printing can create personalized Mini-catalogues that appeal to the different shopper profiles revealed by your own e-commerce data.

Target top new customer prospects with Canada Post’s tools and lists. You can select by location, shopping behaviours, age, income, education, family status and more. Find Canada’s most avid online shoppers or households that have just moved.

Call 1-866-486-0423 to learn how Mini-Catalogues can help your business.

A Bias for Action, © 2015 Canada Post Corporation

Leading neuromarketing research company True Impact Marketing partnered with Canada Post to conduct the largest study of its kind to date. Brain imaging and eye-tracking technology were used to “see” into the brains of people interacting with physical (direct mail) and digital (email, display) advertising media. The whitepaper  explains 4 key findings:

  • Direct mail is easier to understand and more memorable than digital media. It takes 21% less thought to process and creates a much higher brand recall.
  • Direct mail is far more persuasive than digital media. Its motivation response is 20% higher, and even better if it appeals to senses beyond touch, such as smell and hearing.
  • Direct mail gets the message across faster. Our brains process it quicker than digital media. An important difference in an era when goldfish have longer attention spans than the average human.
  • Direct mail is more likely to drive consumers to act on your message than digital media.

Breaking Through the Noise, © 2015 Canada Post Corporation

The ethnographic study into physical mail's visibility, longevity and impact in relation to digital mail shows that this channel helps your brand to:

  • Inspire. Mail is ritualized by consumers and imbued with emotional meaning, making them more likely to be inspired by your brand.
  • Get noticed. Consumers are far more likely to notice, open, read and enjoy mail than digital advertising.
  • Persist. Consumers keep mail, display it and ,share it with others, creating multiple engagement opportunities for your brand.
  • Persuade. Mail delivers a call-to-action that works, whether to drive customers to your e-commerce site or retail location.


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