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Tips For Using A Presentation Folder

Whether you’re presenting material in a team meeting or workshop, or pitching your business in a conference, a folder can elevate your presentation. Presentation folders promote your brand and effectively deliver a message – and they can also drive traffic to your online platform. You can provide compelling content for your meeting, conference or workshop with a standard or complex design.

Presentation Folders

Presentations shouldn’t be dry. Check out the following tips on how to use a presentation folder creatively to engage your audience.

Stay on brand

Your presentation folder should be customized to fit the brand of you or your company, especially if you’re pitching your products or services. If you’re just presenting a project or idea, these rules still apply. The content’s tone should clearly match that of you or your company’s, and the colour scheme and visual aspects should be complementary. Ultimately, you want your folder to drive home your message and your company’s brand. As well, using the same colour scheme as your company, or using photos, will help to optimize your folder.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is crucial. Too much information can be overwhelming and your message can get lost. Your content and visuals should have some breathing room so they can stand out individually. Keeping things concise will help the reader to better understand the material, while also appreciating the design. If you overcrowd each page with multiple photos and large chunks of text, you’ll lose the interest of your audience. Each piece of content and each visual should serve a purpose, and getting straight to the point will help to drive home your message.

Target your reader

Your presentation folder should target your audience. Whether you’re presenting a project or idea, or pitching your company, knowing your target reader will help you to better create your folder and ultimately intrigue your reader. As well, you should ensure the content and visual tone of the folder matches up to that of your target reader, such as a more professional, or casual, feel.

Be cohesive

Information presented at the very beginning of your folder should follow through straight to the end. A misleading or confusing presentation folder will lose the reader’s information.

Keeping these tips in mind, as well as ensuring a visually appealing design and using high quality stock, will help you to achieve your objective. We specialize in commercial printing and our presentation folders elevate your meeting with a professional and elegant appeal. Interested in adding direct mail marketing to your advertising mix? Please call our Toronto mailing house at 1-866-486-0423. Troi spells success, one letter at a time!

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