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Tips To Integrate Your Offline And Online Marketing

Integrating your offline and online marketing is an important, and crucial, step in growing your business. A seamless campaign will incorporate direct mailing, paper advertising and a strong online presence – and all of these components should promote the other. If you’re new to online or offline marketing, or are looking for ways to merge these two aspects of your campaign without sacrificing quality on either end, you’ll want to keep the below tips in mind.

Integrate Your Offline And Online Marketing

Be consistent

Your online presence should look aesthetically the same as your offline campaigns, and vise versa. If you’ve been using a particular colour scheme, a set of visuals or other elements in direct mailing, flyers or other offline marketing efforts, you’re going to want your online marketing to follow suit. You should also use the same slogan, and maintain a similar tone.

Use social media

Social media is crucial for the success of your online marketing campaign. You’ll need to use the same language and wording as your offline campaign, as well as the same keywords. Use various social media platforms that your target market already uses, and implement tactics like hashtags to attract an audience.

Promote your offline products and services

This is important to your campaign’s success. Ensure you’re attracting customers to your business by promoting your offline products and services on your social channels, and using keywords to make offers easily visible to customers on search engines. You can also create offline-only offers that encourage customers to visit your business.

Don’t neglect paper mailing

Paper mailing is important for all businesses. Direct mail advertising helps you to directly reach out to your customers, and to put a personal touch on your advertising. When a customer receives your direct mail, they can see the commitment you’ve put into maintaining their business. It’s important to maintain this relationship as you incorporate your offline and online marketing campaigns. To direct customers to your website or social media, there are some simple tactics you can implement:

  • Add a QR code directly onto your direct mail to encourage customers to use their phone to get to your website
  • Directly add in the URL
  • Use online-only offers

Putting in these efforts will ensure you’re boosting profits and increasing awareness about your company. As long as you remain consistent with your offline and online marketing presence, engage with users on social media, use tactics to promote your online brand and prioritize paper mailing, you’ll be able to have a seamless transition.

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