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Successful Marketing Phrases — “Open Immediately!”

Looking for expert direct marketing phrases?

Advertising specialist Jeffrey Dobkin has spent over 25 years perfecting the most tried-and-true phrases for successful marketing campaigns. A Philadelphian author of 7 books and over 350 articles, Dobkin shares some of his favourite phrase strategies for all forms of direct mail fulfillment. People will open direct mail of the following natures:

  • Gift Certificate Enclosed
  • Free Offer Inside
  • New Product Offers Benefit!
  • Free Booklet offers how-to information
  • What’s New Inside …
  • See Order Form on Page …
  • Open Immediately!
  • Dear Colleague and Friend
  • Thank you for your business and your trust
  • Thank you for your kind referral
  • Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to be of service
  • Kindest Regards
  • Satisfaction Always Guaranteed

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