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No Clutter, Easy Options – Direct Mailing in 2015

Canada Post’s changes to Addressed Admail—effective January 12th, 2015—seek to simplify, quicken, and improve the mail preparation solutions that serve your direct mail marketing campaigns. This means that, while steadily outperforming the limited potential of digital mail “clutter,” Canada Post has designed a less cluttered system that is more straightforward and effective. In addition to Troi’s previous blog post on 2014 changes, here are some major mailing service changes in store for 2015:

  • Mail preparation options reduced from 4 types to 2: Machineable and Special Handling.
    (NDG Presort and Machineable Presort will be discontinued. Letter Carrier Presort (LCP) renamed Special Handling, with Short and Long (S/L) as Standard.)
  • Price points for Special Handling sortation levels reduced from 5 levels to 1.
  • Machineable-Standard “0-30 grams” and “30-50 grams” consolidated into 1 price point.
  • “Return to Sender” option restructured.
  • Address Correction Service discontinued.

As we draw closer to 2015 and its many changes, Troi Mailing Services will continue to be up-to-date on all postal industry new developments. Please call us at (416) 757-5598 to learn how your valued direct marketing projects will soar smoothly and successfully in 2015.        

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