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New Year’s Resolutions, New Mailing Solutions

Millions of people across the globe begin each New Year with valuable resolutions. Getting in shape, building more confidence, and being more positive are all common examples of New Year’s resolutions. Canada Post has made resolutions of its own, in a sense, in order to improve direct mail fulfillment. Like any healthy resolution, Canada Post’s changes seek to resolve past issues, and create a profitable future.

Aside from resolving to synthesize Addressed Admail processing into two streams (Machineable and Special Handling, as described in our “No Clutter, Easy Options” blog post), Canada Post’s postage rates have also been modified toward a sustainable future for direct mailing services.

New pricing specs—effective January 12th, 2015—can be reviewed here:

As we dive into the resolutions of 2015, Troi Mailing Services will continue to be up-to-date on mail preparation renovations. Please call us at (416) 757-5598 to learn how your direct mail marketing projects will excel in this promising New Year.

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