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Mail Management: Data Targeting & Address Accuracy

When it comes to address data, Troi Mailing Services and Canada Post have the expertise.

Direct mail is the only medium that can reach every single household in Canada. Both Troi and our country’s national mailing corporation use the best address accuracy tools to achieve accurate mail distribution. Troi’s data management team processes your address files, and Canada Post knows where to go.

With our hands in all stages of mail planning and mail delivery, we are dedicated to providing unique postal industry insights. Since companies are always seeking new potential clients, data targeting services are geared towards capturing the greatest potential. Through postal data and mail delivery research, targeting services allow you to leverage hundreds of demographics in order to reach your ideal customer. Mailing campaigns that use audience demographics to their strategic advantages often earn commendable ROI.

Who is most likely to buy your product? Mail fulfillment experts can help answer that.

Please call our direct mail consultants at (416) 757-5598 or 1-866-486-0423 to ensure that your mass mailing project is a personable one.

Source: Canada Post Corporation, “The Power of Data” DK15174

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