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Machineable Mail

In order to ensure that your direct mail campaign moves perfectly towards all mail recipients, it is crucial to set up the right foundation for Canada Post’s delivery. When you decide to mail with Troi Mailing Services and Canada Post, you are also agreeing to Canada Post’s service standards and efficiencies. Whether your direct mailing project involves catalogues, magnets, key chains, or CDs, the mailpiece must meet postal guidelines for Machineability.

Machineable Mail consists of materials that are strong but flexible—durable enough for machine handling, but capable of bending slightly along a circular surface. This refers to how Canada Post’s equipment processes bulk mail. For a quick visual, even CDs/DVDs in semi-rigid mailers that slightly bend are compatible for mailing. Other mail service mandatory requirements include:

  •  Window envelope transparency: maximum haze of 75% and a gloss reading less than or equal to 159 gloss units—for the window
  • Window envelope clarity: no wrinkles, creases, or other defects on the window
  • Window envelope size: windows must be large enough to showcase full addresses
  • Compatible paper types: brightness, opacity, smoothness, and reflectance
  • Incompatible paper types: dark fibers, background patterns, and fluorescent ink
  • Postcards: dividing lines (if any) must be 5mm to the left of the address and at least 0.5mm wide
  • No white fonts on dark backgrounds

For more information on Machineable Mail guidelines, please access:
– Machineable Mail Postal Standards Guide

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