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Machineable Personalized Mail

Canada Post has built a stronger postal network by streamlining its processes and upgrading its machinery and equipment. These changes have allowed for more efficient services and enhanced offerings. The catalyst behind this is what Canada Post has coined as Machineable Mail.

What makes mail machineable? Your mail needs to meet certain criteria with respect to artwork placement and addressing. The idea behind this is to ensure that the mail can move through, and be read by Canada Posts automated processing equipment.

Whats in it for me? By making your mail machineable you are eligible for an up to $0.08/pc discount on postage towards your Personalized mail projects. Think of it as $80.00 in postage savings for every 1,000pcs sent out in your Direct Mail campaign.

How do I get started? Clink onto the link below, it will take you to Canada Post Machineabe Mail Advisor. The advisor will help you design your piece so that it meets the appropriate size and quite zone (areas free of artwork) requirements.

Be creative! Explore the template gallery and experiment with different envelope and card layouts

Get Noticed! Stand out from your competitors and gain that extra second of attention often needed in order to solicit a response. The advisor will identify acceptable fonts, colours and graphic placements.

Finally, let us help to ensure your project meets Canada Post’s Machineable Mail requirements. Our team has both the insight and experience to keep your project moving forward, both on time and on budget.

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