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Folded Self-Mailers—Save 5 Cents per Piece on Personalized Mail Postage!

Most of us, whether personally or professionally, are competitively compelled to cut costs.
Clear-out sales, online discounts, price matching, and bulk purchasing are all common examples of how we avoid overpaying. And while 5 cents off of a single product may not seem like much at first, we must remember that every little bit counts.

Imagine that you have chosen to mail out 10,000 folded postcards that will be addressed directly, and mailed without envelopes—hence, addressed self-mailers. Now appreciate how, by shedding 5 cents per piece, your associated direct mail postage costs reduce by $500.00.

When applied to large volumes, the tried-and-true “every little bit” proverb provides an ideal way to trim your direct mailing budget. Let us show you how postage savings work without sacrificing the quality of your mail pieces.

Expanding on our November blog post regarding Machineable mail and Special Handling mail, it is important to note that a folded self-mailer with a continuous bottom edge fold is only Machineable if accompanied by a top edge clip/seal. If left open, the folded self-mailer is classified as Special Handling.

Canada Post charges 50 cents per piece for Special Handling Personalized mail, while Machineable Personalized mail costs only 45 cents per piece—and here is where you save.

By making mail Machineable with a clip/seal or tab, you cut costs and also improve the overall aesthetic of your self-mailer—a seal is special. Many of our clients and direct mail printing partners agree that a tab just simply looks better and improves open rates. As the cost of sealing self-mailers is less than 5 cents per piece, you get more value for less money spent.

An easy first step to direct mailing success and postage savings is to take a look at Troi Mailing’s expert services. As our motto goes, we can print it, we can mail it. Troi Mailing is dedicated to helping your business grow!

Click here to use Canada Post’s Machineable Mail Self-Assessment Tool/Checklist.

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