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Evolving Direct Mail

Add some zing to your mail marketing! Mail plays well with other marketing channels and is a great center piece to many campaigns.

There are ways to add some technology to your current print and mail strategies, below are a few recent trends. They add a digital element to the hard copy direct mail campaigns combining the physical with the digital experience.

Web Keys:
Allows you to feature a USB connector to your traditional Direct mail incentives. It can be added as a pop out at the side of a package similar to a pocket knife. Once inserted into the recipients computer it can take them to a personalized web page capable of conveying everything from additional product information or unique offers. Unique codes in each key allow you to track the respondents activity such as average time on web page, pages on your website they visited and even the number of times they use the device

QR Codes:
A great way that allows direct mail campaigns to support online marketing efforts. These images, once scanned with a mobile device can take the respondent directly to the company’s web page. They also add an extra dimension of measurability to a mail marketing campaign for it is fairly easy to track. QR codes help showcase the seamless integration between the physical and digital experience.

Audio Chips:
Not just in greeting cards anymore. Audio file’s can now be customized to target segments and even individuals. Recent breakthroughs in this technology have enhanced quality and reduced costs, opening this form of correspondence to a wider audience.

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