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Direct Mail Printing Services & Memorable Marketing

For a moment, imagine the ideal mail marketing campaign for your business.
Consider your customer, who opens his or her mailbox and sees your mailpiece shining up at them.

What does it look like, and why?

This ideal piece was built from hours and hours of planning, and you were excited when the best option revealed itself. But at a very early point, you wondered:

How do I do that?

As “direct mail” implies, before something is mailed you need something physical to give. The Canada Post Expert Partners at Troi Mailing Services will meaningfully transform your ideas into the best physical forms.

What kind of piece are you looking to mail out?

How many?

What size?

What colours?

Yes, the planning stage is far from a final product, but Troi can make it happen; and before the mailing stage, let’s talk about print! As a full-service facility, we are not just a Toronto mailing company that sorts letters all day long. We put commercial print and mail services together in order to fulfill every production stage ourselves. When it comes to print services, our high-quality laser printer and ultra-fast inkjet printer will:

  • Print envelopes and letterheads with speed, clarity, and accuracy
  • Print brochures and posters that are aesthetically meaningful and catchy
  • Print presentation folders for a professional and elegant image
  • Print postcards and flyers that are designed for value and appeal
  • Print magazines and catalogues for product growth and a stronger sense of community

From direct mail printing to direct mail processing, Troi is proud and happy to do it all. Print marketing is special, as it encourages people to open, to read, to learn, and to use.

As you imagine your ideal mailpiece in the hands of your ideal customer, consider that direct mail advertising has helped produce something physical to keep—which is memorable marketing at its best.

To learn more about our commercial printing services, please click here.

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