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Direct Mail Election Materials: Engage Your Entire Community

Over the years, Troi Mailing Services has provided expert direct mailing solutions to a variety of electoral candidates. Whether your campaign speaks to school committees, medical boards, or government parties, our team knows what it takes to print and mail your election materials in a timely and efficient manner. Regardless of the organization, an ideal candidate is one who tries to engage his or her entire community.

Here are some of the ways you can engage your entire community through strategic addressed or unaddressed direct mail products:

Appeal Letters
Business cards
and more

From our continued accomplishments with a variety of candidates’ direct mail products, Troi Mailing Services appreciates how powerful election marketing can be. Whether your mail piece is a postcard, a flyer or any of the above, direct mail delivers engaging content to your voters and supporters.

Winning an election is not always easy, and begs the question: How do I reach everybody?
The positive connection between effective direct mail and measurable success is the answer, as your election materials are hand-carried right to your voters’ doorsteps.

To plan your next direct mail election campaign that best ensures a mark to your candidate’s ballot, please contact our team at (416) 757-5598 or 1-866-486-9350.


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