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Canada Post’s “Breaking through the Noise” – How Direct Mail Marketing Shines in 4 Ways

Canada Post recently put out a whitepaper titled Breaking through the Noise. The “noise” in question describes thousands of marketing messages that surround us every day. As the average person’s attention span is only an approximate 8 seconds, how are we supposed to stand out from a sea of media saturation? As Canada Post reminds us, direct mailing is the key to memorable marketing.

“4 Take-Aways for Marketers” is one of the whitepaper’s many articles that reiterates the fundamental superiorities of mail marketing:

1. Inspire.
Mail is ritualized by consumers and imbued with emotional meaning, making them more likely to be inspired by your brand.

1. Get noticed.
Consumers are far more likely to notice, open, read and enjoy mail than digital advertising.

3. Persist.
Consumers keep mail, display it and share it with others, creating multiple engagement opportunities for your brand.

4. Persuade.
Mail delivers a call-to-action that works, whether to drive customers to your e-commerce site or retail location.

From our mailing service in Toronto, we have seen the positive impact of mail marketing in the GTA and beyond. Direct mail in Canada can take the form of Addressed Admail, Unaddressed Admail, Lettermail, Publications Mail (Pub Mail), Parcel Mail, and a few other international mailing streams. The 4 Take-Aways apply to all mail services and streams, and support the physically memorable nature of direct mail products.

To delve further into direct mail marketing strategies with Canada Post, the whitepaper is available here.

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