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Canada Post’s “Breaking through the Noise” – Give Your Ads a Space through Direct Mailing Houses & Printing Services

This next Breaking through the Noise highlight discusses direct mail as “functional art.”

Canada Post’s whitepaper delves into the kept quality of mail marketing products. Think of direct mail flyers or postcards that are, more often than not, shiny, textured, and colourful. As many consumers plan to engage with direct mail promotions in the future, these mailed treasures are processed into relevant storage spaces. For example:

Direct mail catalogues and flyers tend to be kept in the living room.

Promotional mail is kept on the fridge or by the couch.

Restaurant menus are left in kitchen drawers or cupboards.

Fast-food coupons are kept on or by the fridge.

In addition to Canada Post’s direct mail research, UK postal company Royal Mail philosophized on 3 types of storage spaces for mail pieces:

1. Holding space: where mail is kept before being dealt with

2. Pile space: where mail is kept after being sorted and is awaiting action

3. Display space: where useful or important items are stored (local information, time-limited offers, etc.)

A storage space is important to recognize as it symbolizes intent. Sooner or later, the recipient will use this direct mail promotion. For example, when a pizza company mails out an Neighborhood mail flyer for a long weekend special, mail recipients react with a sense of urgency and will store accordingly. This relationship starts with initial reception and develops into a plan. Direct mail storage spaces are familiar and highly visible. They create opportunities for direct mail products to be repeatedly interacted with, and easily remembered.

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To learn more about direct mail advertising solutions, please read Canada Post’s whitepaper.

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