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Canada Post’s “Breaking through the Noise” – Direct Mail Campaigns & Valuable Responses from Direct Mail Advertising

As Canada Post describes in its Breaking through the Noise whitepaper, interacting with direct mail is an emotional exchange for consumers. Direct mail advertisements are powerful communicators that can either turn on or turn off a recipient from your brand. The physical aspect of direct mail marketing expands and elaborates on the senses. In every fold and drop of ink, your mail piece represents your company. Here are a few things to remember for getting a feel of potential customers:

57% of consumers are more likely to feel valued when brands contact them through mail (only 17% for email contact)

38% say the physical properties of mail influence how they feel about the sender

55% have a better impression of a company if they contact them by mail (only 25% for email contact)

55% believe that physical mail is the medium that gives the best impression of the sender

From these responses, we can appreciate the multifaceted superiorities of direct mail advertising. While marketing mail has long been known for its direct impact at the doorstep, the pieces themselves carry a sensual elevation. At the very least, we see, we touch, and we remember. Troi Mailing Services is a direct mail company that can help you leverage the senses in order to maximize response.

Please call for our direct mail services at (416) 757-5598 or 1-866-486-0423 to start hitting homes with a successful and most personal gesture.

To delve further into direct mailing strategies with Canada Post, the whitepaper is available here.

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