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Canada Post on Hamilton’s Community Mailboxes

Canada Post’s latest News Release addresses the City of Hamilton’s concerns on community mailboxes.

The crown corporation assures that its 30 years of experience in implementing community mailboxes has established a history of coordinating with municipalities’ wants, needs, and expectations. The February 2nd Release shares that Canada Post will assume responsibility for all associated installation and maintenance costs, as it has always done. Strategies and services include:

“Siting, site preparation such as curb cuts to ensure access, installation and ongoing maintenance including snow clearing and any graffiti-removal if required. We do everything possible to reduce incremental costs to the municipality and offer $50 per site to help offset any potential costs converting new neighbourhoods. We also install the boxes using existing street lighting and sidewalks where feasible.”

Community mailbox implementation strives to maximize accessibility and safety through customer surveys, mail delivery policies and procedures, and by consulting with residents who live near proposed mailbox locations.

While structural changes often produce resentment, changes like Canada Post’s five-point action plan are important. With declining mail volumes in Canada, the postal industry must transform to survive—like most things that face adversity. The News Release concludes:

“In Hamilton, more than 34,000 addresses already use a community mailbox and have done so for years. We would like to work together with the municipality as we have in the past to ensure the best outcome for the people we both serve.”

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