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Canada Post has reduced their volume requirements for Direct Mail

There is some breaking news from Canada Post that will impact your direct mail campaigns.

Along with the postage rate increase for first class mail that is taking effect on March 31, 2014, Canada Post has introduced a few changes to volume requirements on a few streams of mail. Both changes are set to begin this coming April.

Canada Post will be reducing the minimum volume for Incentive lettermail to 1,000pcs from the current 5,000pc requirement. This change will allow first class mail campaigns that are greater than 1,000pcs to qualify for postage savings to the tune of $0.05 per piece. I like to think of it as $50.00 in postage savings for every 1,000 pcs of lettermail. In order to qualify your project as incentive lettermail there are a few conditions that need to be met, which Troi can assist with.

1)       Address files need to be pre-sorted and validated

2)       Artwork on your outer envelopes needs to adhere with Canada Posts Machineable mail specifications

The other change that Canada Post will be implementing relates to machineable addressed admail. They are reducing their minimum volume commitment from 1,000pcs down to 500pcs. This is great news for testing! No need to commit to 1,000pcs of direct mail correspondence on trial projects. Find out what messaging works best for your target audience before you go live with your direct mail campaign.

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