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Bulk Mail: The More The Merrier! Reducing Postage Costs For Addressed Mail

As its title implies, bulk mail ensures greater recognition for greater volume. Consider that this incentive is advantageous for any business that wants its advertising mail to reach as many people as possible.

To honour its bulk appreciation, Canada Post offers reduced postage costs between certified Personalized mail streams. Let us take a look at Lettermail vs. Admail:

If your Personalized mail marketing campaign has a quantity of less than 500 pieces, it will go out as Lettermail for 77 cents per piece.
If your Personalized mail marketing campaign has a quantity of 500 pieces or more, it can go out as Personalized mail for 45 cents per piece.

This 500-piece mark creates a significant difference in postage, which answers the question: How valuable can increasing my mailing quantities be?

To put these quantities into a pricing perspective…

Company Z originally plans to send out 400 promotional pieces, and is advised by a Canada Post Expert Partner that the mailing will cost $308.00 at the Lettermail rate of 77 cents per piece.
Company Z decides to increase its mailing quantity to 500 pieces, and becomes eligible for the Personalized mail rate of 45 cents per piece. This will only cost $225.00 in postage.

By increasing the mailing quantity by 100 pieces, Company Z has saved $83.00. They will always make the most out of bulk mail for future mailing projects.

The moral of this strategy is wonderfully simple:
If you have enough data to secure 500 pieces or more, just do it.

Cutting costs and increasing exposure through strategic bulk mailing is a perfect recipe for measurable success. Please click here to review Canada Post’s postage rates, and to learn more about the benefits of each mail stream.

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