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Better, Faster Direct Marketing

Canada post has rolled out some revisions to Addressed Ad mail. Together with our fulfillment and printing services it will result in better and faster Mail Marketing Campaigns.

Easier Mail Preparation: July 2014

-Minimum volume lowered to 500pcs from 1,000pcs

-Reduced number of Machineable requirements from 30 to 11

-Remove front and back clear zones

More Creative Flexibility

-Offering new customized indicia

-Provide more colour and font options for machineable mail

Simplified Pricing

-Move from 4 to two preparation methods

-Save $0.05/pc when using standard S/L machineable mail

-Reduce the number of price points from 50 to 9

More predictable Delivery: August 2014

-Introducing 3 business day delivery standards for local delivery

-Introducing 5 business day delivery standards for national delivery


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