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Attention Restaurants: Mail To The GTA And Beyond!

Many of Troi Mailing Services’ restaurateur clients in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) will support Neighborhood mail as a rewarding strategy that generates customer traffic. Menus, food-and-beverage coupons and postcards are some of the impactful direct mail products that motivate people to put their money where their mouths ought to be.

Any direct bulk mail campaign with the right call-to-action will produce new leads and boost client conversion. Here’s a quick scenario that proves how your restaurant, bar, bakery, cafe or other hospitality business can profit from expert direct mail planning:

CMYK Steakhouse mails out 20,000 postcards promoting a $45.00 “prix fixe” steak dinner.
Each prix fixe dinner costs CMYK Steakhouse only $18.00 to produce, which ensures a profit of $27.00 per order.
If CMYK Steakhouse’s mailing campaign costs  an approximate 80 cents per postcard, the restaurant needs only  a 3% campaign response rate in order to begin making a profit.
This minimum response rate can easily be achieved and elevated by CMYK Steakhouse.
The artwork for CMYK Steakhouse’s postcard includes high-quality photographs of their delicious steak dinners, which delivers a comprehensive call-to-action that builds a much higher response rate.

While unaddressed promotional restaurant mailings can be effectively targeted towards specific neighbourhoods and demographics, other mailing streams are also possible. If your restaurant collects customer data, including mailing addresses, you are also eligible to plan Addressed Admail and Lettermail campaigns. As the CMYK Steakhouse scenario proves, direct mail recipients are hungry for your enticing invitations. Our GTA mailing clients can appreciate that the most meaningful invitation might be the one that greets you from the mailbox.

For more information on how to start your next promotional Neighborhood mail, please call us at 1-866-486-9350, and check out our blog entry on Canada Post’s free and easy-to-use Precision Targeter program.


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