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Acquisition Admail Using Canada Complete Cont’d

There are a lot of new customers out there for you. You just need to know where to find them.

Canada Complete, available through Canada Post, has been coined as the most up-to-date and accurate consumer list in Canada. The first step in sourcing a new address file involves creating a profile of your current clients. Some areas to consider are geography, demographics, psychographics and lifestyle preferences.

Once you have vetted your client file using this search criteria, segment your clients with respect to Large, Medium and Small. Look for similarities within each segment that can help identify potential new customers and to help tailor your offering in your direct mail campaign.

Ordering your list through Canada Post, Canada Complete can be done in 6 simple steps:

  1. Contact the Data and Targeting team at Canada Post 1-877-281-4137
  2. Provide your client profile and the geographic location you are looking to target
  3. Finalize your order selection and receive a price quote
  4. Provide your creative samples to Troi Mailing Services to ensure your package meets Canada Post specifications
  5. Canada Post will then send your address file to Troi Mailing Services as your CPC Authorized Mail Service Provider
  6. Troi Mailing Services will then prepare and deposit your direct mail campaign

It is important to keep track of your responses so that you can mine the activity created by your campaign. This information will be invaluable on your follow-ups and future projects.

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