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How to Integrate Direct Mail into Email Marketing Campaigns

Direct mail advertising and digital advertising may seem unrelated. The truth is that both components should be used together for a well-rounded marketing campaign. Even though we live in a technological age, consumers still value tangibility. It’s the reason why many people love books despite the introduction of e-readers. As sensory beings, we love the smell of crisp new pages and enjoy the feeling of paper between our fingers. The same can be said about marketing materials.

 Integrating direct mail and email marketing

Digital communications like emails and web banners are great for conveying quick messages about your product and your brand. Because they’re mobile, recipients can open up these virtual marketing materials whenever it’s convenient for them. But the problem with email marketing campaigns is that recipients can close and forget emails just as quickly as they opened them up. In today’s world of digital clutter, it’s often hard to cut through the noise.

This is where direct mail comes into play. Because consumers are so overwhelmed by all of the spam hitting their inbox, many people actually welcome traditional print and direct mail. According to the Direct Marketing Association, the direct mail response rates are anywhere from 10 to 30 times higher than that of digital. This isn’t to say that email marketing is ineffective. It simply means these virtual strategies could be better served with a direct mail component.

Here’s how to integrate these two spheres to create a successful marketing campaign that is sure to grow your business:

Use Both Channels Simultaneously

Deliver the same message to your audience using both direct mail and email simultaneously. By doing this, you’ll be able to reinforce your brand on all fronts. Because the digital message is portable, recipients will have the luxury of being able to view it whenever it’s convenient. They’re also easy to share, which means your audience can forward the message onto friends and family.

Direct mailers, on the other hand, offer a personal touch that digital communications often lack. People tend to have a stronger emotional response to tangible ads and will remember them more as well. Use this aspect to your advantage by reinforcing your message again through physical advertising.

When launching your campaigns, send out your emails first. Then follow-up with your direct mailing about two weeks later. Once recipients receive your ad in their mailbox, they’ll be reminded of the email materials you sent out earlier. This will give them a chance to actually sit down with your mailer and properly process the information a second time.

Ensure Continuity

When using direct mail and email marketing together, ensure continuity across both platforms. Be sure your fonts, graphics, and colour schemes are matching and well-coordinated. Reinforcement is key. Your recipients will be confused if they’re receiving two materials from the same company that look completely different.

Even if your text is not worded exactly the same across both channels, be sure the message is consistent. Avoid irregularities in terms of promotions and services offered. Typically, don’t use cheeky slang in your email campaign and then formal office language in your direct mailer. Both pieces should reflect the same voice.

Offer Exclusive Benefits

The main reason why people subscribe to online mailing lists for their favourite brands is because they want to stay on top of new products and hot deals. Free samples, discount coupons, and other membership giveaways drive digital marketing. Piggyback on this concept by offering exclusive deals with your email campaign. This will ensure your recipients remain on the lookout for your traditional mail too.

You want to create a scenario where you’re always in the back of your recipients’ minds. Whether they’re opening their inbox first thing in the morning or checking their mailbox as they pull up to the driveway — you want to be offering a set of services that will bring value to their lives.

Digitize Your Print Materials

The digital aspects of any marketing campaign don’t end with the inbox. Never assume your email blasts are the only thing that should have a virtual component. Think of ways to digitize your direct mailers to further enhance this medium. Consider using a QR code to direct your audience to a cool new video or social media campaign. You could also guide your recipients to traceable links that will give you rich user information about their location and demographics. This will provide a better understanding of your customer base. The data will then help you tailor your business to provide customized services and products that people need.

Optimizing the success of your promotion requires a fully integrated marketing campaign that touches on both digital and commercial print. While each strategy alone can be effective, combining the two creates a powerful platform for showcasing your business’ strengths.

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