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Think INSIDE the Box Event: Rolling out the Red Carpet for Canada Post’s Smartmail Marketing

TITB Direct mail event & introduction to Smartmail Marketing. Canada Post artwork.

This past Thursday, October 29th, Canada Post held its annual Think INSIDE the Box conference at the Marriott Hotel on Bay Street.

Think INSIDE the Box (TITB) is a full-day event that seeks to inspire marketers across Canada with cutting-edge direct marketing solutions. Supported by True Impact Marketing’s breakthrough neuromarketing research on direct mail advertising vs. digital advertising, the overlying theme of the day was to emphasize the factual superiorities of direct mail campaigns.

Troi Mailing Services has posted two blogs on True Impact Marketing’s direct mail research, specifically relating to CEO Diana Lucaci’s partnership with Canada Post and their A Bias for Action whitepaper. Canadian direct mail representatives were given the privilege of hearing Lucaci present deeply relevant information at Toronto’s TITB event.

Lucaci’s notable topics included an experiment that instructed women to hold an iconic blue gift box from Tiffany & Co. While the box was empty, the participants’ heart rates rose by 30% due to physical contact with the gift box. Lucaci explained that this is an integral part of direct mailing, as the tactile and personalized elements will maximize response. Lucaci also discussed ideologies like cognitive load, which proves that direct mail products take less time for the brain to process than digital marketing products.

Other keynote speakers included Michael Chase, who is the Chief Marketing Officer at St. Joseph Communications, and Joe Mimran, Founder of Club Monaco and Joe Fresh. Both speakers described how important it is to dream big, and to push for innovation in direct mail marketing projects. Mimran, who is also a new dragon on Season 10 of Dragons’ Den, also congratulated Canada Post on its longevity within an ever-changing industry. Direct mail marketing has become more competitive and more challenging than it was a decade ago. Developments like added neuromarketing research will help keep our direct mailboxes meaningful, physical, and full.

Rebranded as “The Science of Activation,” click here to learn about Canada Post’s Smartmail Marketing and its rich implications of success. Direct mailing is still on the rise!

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